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@chavtheworld: You realize the score will go back up upon this being sorted? That the article states that?

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@milkman: Polygon is pretty transparent in the fact that they change review scores as a game becomes better or worse, under the discretion of the editorial staff.

Now, they all expressed their great concerns about server stability, so perhaps, in this case, they should have waited.

That being said, I'm not upset about this, and I'm 100% glad they changed the score with the disclaimer of why, and when it may change back.

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The game felt too sluggish with the constantly bad framerate. On top of that, I had a definite issue with the combat in that it took about 20x the amount of hits to kill bosses/tough enemies, and about 3x too many on standard enemies.

That, and horizontal attacks are a big WTF in a 2d environment. The game feels ham fisted, and it's a shame, too. The environments are glorious, and it looks like a proper castlevania (no, I don't give a shit whether it's metroidvania/classicvania.). Music, however, was a let down.

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Can't speak for that case in particular, but 3 fans in that configuration is pretty good.

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@mrfluke: Battlefield 3 sold similarly, but we're at about 100k users combined (between ps3, pc, and xbox users). Granted, it's been over a year.

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@mrbalmer: Mario 1 can be beaten, no warping, in under 30 minutes (if I'm not mistaken).

However, I've gotten many multiple hours out of the damn game. I definitely understand wanting to get your money's worth out of a game, but Length =/= value. Especially when we're just discussing length from first start to first finish.

Not complaining about your post, I just want people in general to reconsider what they look for in games, even if in the end they still favor length.

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Here's how:

You cannot currently get the podcast through the market, but you CAN add RSS feeds. Simply add the current bombcast RSS feed to your podcasts

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@wasabicurry: Here's a pretty respectable build