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If you've got the budget to go all-out, then there's no reason that you shouldn't unless you just want to set aside more money for games and other things. Still, if you can gather and safely spend that kind of dough, then you've probably already got or will soon have a good library of games.

However, if you're spending more than, say, $1500, you're getting diminishing returns, and that's just a number taken off the top of my head. You could get something together that would run any game at max, 1080p, consistent 60FPS, for a few hundred dollars less than that.

Actually, right now Graphics cards are over priced, so $1500 is the minium for 1080 max settings 60fps.

Still, as you said, diminishing returns after said price.

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Most of my forum activity resulted from the forums being on the front page. I loved being able to load up the homepage to see what was going on.

Same here, actually. I could count the number of times I went to the main forums page on both hands.

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Play on easy, problem solved.

More than Difficulty, I think this guy just wants a fun group to roll with

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@WinterSnowblind: You're absolutely correct. I was more referencing the cost of Diverting resources to port an older title, vs buffing a current project's team to develop multi platform.

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wondering if there's going to be a Halo 3 PC port soon (why, though? I loved 3, but we've had Reach and 4. Why not just multiplatform the next Halo?)

It'd be nice, but right now it's likely false.

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@m3ds334: You nailed every problem with DMC4. It was the first Devil May Cry that I beat, but it definitely had a ton of issues. Though, i'm probably one of the few people that enjoyed playing it "backwards" as Dante, only because he is different than Nero.

That being said, if I want to complain about poor design choices, it's the crappy Dice mini-game and other annoying road-blocks that grate my nerves. That, and the totally apparent "Nero just happens to move in the correct direction, which happens to be a castle exactly like Castlevania in a frozen tundra. NOW I'M IN A RAIN FOREST.

haters are going to hate DmC all they want, Dante is a different character, some of his charm traded for self-centered idiocy. But every good story has characters with an arc for growth. I think what DmC loses in combat (a bit of the precision) it makes up greatly in level design, story and pacing.

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You should probably visit youtube. People LOVE to share what they do in games.


The one feature of Origin that makes me happy is that Twitch streaming is built in

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@Zenthere: I bought GTA4 back when it came out and I felt this way. SR3 might have spoiled you, but GTA4 has always been a relatively un-fun video game, and a mildly competent story.

Although I did enjoy Free Roam multiplayer