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You sir, have changed the way I view music.
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Much of music is hilariously bad these days, sadly.
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Wait. Why is your giant bomb white?

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Wow.... I really hate these kinds of ads.
Hell, those annoying ads on Kotaku and Gamespot where they cover the entire background are FAR better than this.

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Ok, that's fair.  Incentive based on added value is a pretty good strategy, honestly.
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@supermike6 said:
" @clstirens said:
I wasn't aware that it was irregular to see people my age like the Beatles. What's not to like!? "
To be honest, much of the Beatles music inspired a great amount of modern artists. Their music just happens to be literally old, even if it holds up today. 
Also, our generation is much more into Hip Hop, R&B, and "Pop" to be interested in convential rock. Let alone the Beatles music (which is hard to classify considering the range of their work)
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Exactly. This is one of those things like you'd see in a free-to-play MMO. Your character doesn't need a 3 day transparent mount, you don't need  t-shirt and the mobile site.    
But seriously. Just because your parents spent more money one seemingly more frivolous things does not mean that they should do so on this. Nor does it mean you should worry about spending it on the site. Hell, get them to buy you a shirt. Remember, just like playstation plus. They aren't giving you free games, just like how Whiskey media isn't giving you a free shirt.
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First of all, if you really are a Beatles fan (especially at 15), that's just awesome.  
 Hell, I'm 21 and that's young.
Second, I know you want to be a part of the club, get the cool t-shirt and all.  But some things you just can't get.  Really, the only thing you'll be missing out on is the Podcast (or at least, you'll get it a week late).
To be honest, just make sure you have your adblock disabled on giant bomb. That way you can still support the site.
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My sentiments exactly. I'll continue visiting the site. I'll continue to be a (small) part of the community. I'll still enjoy the bombcast, even if I get it a week late.
But I'm a little upset about all of this. 
 But hey, I'm keeping my adblock turned off on the Bomb for a reason.
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That wouldn't explain why it wouldn't work in Safari on iPod touch (with the latest firmware).  According to my very brief and unscientific search on google, the iDevices do support html5