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Are these the end times?

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Loved it! Cried laughing the first time I watched it.

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I have a better idea. Let's crowdsource a baby and have the community raise him/her.

Yes. A thousand times yes.

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Yeah, I'm getting this as well. My premium ended a week ago but I can still download videos, watch premium only stuff etc. I do feel a bit guilty, at the same time I can't afford more premium until the end of the month so may this free ride end when it ends!

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Can't wait for this game but I only really care about Desmond's story and how it's going to end. That's all I've cared about since AC I.

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The ending didn't have much closure but I didn't hate it, I accepted it. That was the game Bioware, yeah for me it was buggy as hell and crashed a few times but I loved it regardless.

I don't know where gamers get off thinking their entitled to quite frankly harass Bioware and EA and demand they 'change the ending'. Probably 90% of the people that are complaining don't have 10% of the skills to make a game of Mass Effect 3's scale. It's this false sense of entitlement that doesn't happen in with other media/in other mediums.

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Great read dude! I love all things AC but what I really want I won't ever get. I want a Desmond game. Maybe 10% Animus, 90% modern day. Yeah Ezio was fun but the only reason I've stuck with the franchise this long is because of Desmond's story.

A final thing is that I'm dubious about this seven million shipped to retailers. I want to know how exactly that equates to full price customer sales. I've not even finished Revelations but it seems the weakest entry since AC 1. I just want to know how many copies they've actually sold to people not retail.

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@shadowthrone: I'm thinking about picking it up this weekend. I don't know much about Dear Esther but it looks like my kind of game.

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So what if... just what if to get around how it makes sense you can just die and pop back in AC and how they corner off the world, what if you're playing as Desmond but being controlled by someone else?

Apologies if this was suggested in the 4 pages of comments!

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Skyrim, Skyrim, AC Revelations, Shenmue II cause I recently bought a copy for the Dreamcast (subtitles baby!), Grandia II cause I never actually finished it but I've seen the ending. Sonic Generations and Rayman Origins... oh and Skyrim.