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I didn't actually realise that didn't have all the stadiums but it's cool they do now, I guess. Recently got back into FIFA after a decade hiatus so I'm very excited.

All they did to do now is introduce handballs because it's baffling that, as much as they strive for realism, they don't have them. And women footballers cause... you know... it's the 21st century.

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@spraynardtatum: That's actually a really good point. I was 100% fine with all their DRM, always online stuff, because I never borrow games from friends (what friends) and I'm always online. So it makes sense for them to get back to their original vision in a more subtler way.

Who knows if that's what they're actually doing but it fits for now!

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It's just because it's EA. If Sony or Microsoft (particularly Sony) did this and rolled it into Gold/PS+ people would lose their shit (in a good way).

They just have a horrible track record with money-grabbing tactics.

For the record, I'm actually excited to see where it goes.

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I only skimmed the comments but the reaction here seems to be bad. I'm probably the only one think this has potential. I've recently got back in to FIFA, I'd happily pay the subscription if a few months, six months, or even a year down the line I got FIFA 15 without buying it.

I think there's a lot of EA-bashing for the sake of it. It doesn't look like it'll inhibit anyone that doesn't want it, so why complain?

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I recently found myself unable to complete Metal Gear Rising. I fudged my way through most of that game on normal but struggled with the second Armstrong fight, gave up and went to Sleeping Dogs, the next game on my Xbox 360 pile of shame.

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Are these the end times?

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Loved it! Cried laughing the first time I watched it.

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I have a better idea. Let's crowdsource a baby and have the community raise him/her.

Yes. A thousand times yes.

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Yeah, I'm getting this as well. My premium ended a week ago but I can still download videos, watch premium only stuff etc. I do feel a bit guilty, at the same time I can't afford more premium until the end of the month so may this free ride end when it ends!

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Can't wait for this game but I only really care about Desmond's story and how it's going to end. That's all I've cared about since AC I.