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While I get Justin point of people being in Gotham, what would do with them if your are in the Batmobile or Bat-Tank, you literally will actually kill them and that is what Batman is against; he's no Superman.

Hopefully the Superman rumored game from WB Montreal gets made and we actually see some real human beings on the streets, even though is Metropolis.

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I can't wait to see this movie multiple times!

People asking for a Batman beyond movie are hilarious, that's never gonna happen that cartoon show was made just for fun. Is already a miracle they put Batman Beyond suit on the Arkham games.

Bale's Batman was terrible, he was a great Bruce Wayne but as Batman I can't even start how bad it was: his voice was terrible since the begining. I really wanna hear Affleck voice as the Batman, no just the modulator (Do you bleed, you will). The look of Batman on this movie is the way it should be, it looks like it was made by Jim Lee with Frank Miller, AWESOME!.

I have a feeling the Batman solo movie, directed by Affleck himself, is gonna touch the Red Hood stuff with Jason Todd. I believe Nightwing is gonna show up too cause I think he's alive despite the rumors of him being dead.

This movie is gonna rock!!!!

The Red capes are coming!!! (I wish Lex hair would be better though)

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I used to loved this game, it was one the first games that it was fully voiced, beginning to end. Also, I remember playing the remake for the PS2, which it was terrible.

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This kid is actually 30...well at least he's gonna be shorter than Superman and Batman. Can't imagine him standing next Ben Affleck Batman being 6' 4''?.

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I just saw August: Osage Count, while I was amazed at the performance of Meryl Streep, this movie is the most intense and depressing movie I seen in a while. Beware if you are gonna see it, you might laugh a little bit or be extremely happy once the movie is done. Still love Meryl Streep, though.

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I would learn Chinese or Portuguese I were you, . I you want to learn Spanish, I wouldn't unless you are going to live in South America or Spain (maybe Texas)...

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Anmchorman 2 2.5/5

It was good too see the gang together again, but some of the jokes were overrated. Again, Will Ferrell is not for everyone.

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Maybe we can get someone that actually has the age of being a proper Doctor. I've been watching Doctor Who since Tom Baker and along with Tenant he was the best. Smith was a little too young and inexperienced for my taste.

Can't wait for Peter Capaldi too make justice for the Doctor.

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Taswell is my GOTY.

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I'm hoping for the next Arkham game...