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I used to loved this game, it was one the first games that it was fully voiced, beginning to end. Also, I remember playing the remake for the PS2, which it was terrible.

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This kid is actually 30...well at least he's gonna be shorter than Superman and Batman. Can't imagine him standing next Ben Affleck Batman being 6' 4''?.

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I just saw August: Osage Count, while I was amazed at the performance of Meryl Streep, this movie is the most intense and depressing movie I seen in a while. Beware if you are gonna see it, you might laugh a little bit or be extremely happy once the movie is done. Still love Meryl Streep, though.

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I would learn Chinese or Portuguese I were you, . I you want to learn Spanish, I wouldn't unless you are going to live in South America or Spain (maybe Texas)...

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Anmchorman 2 2.5/5

It was good too see the gang together again, but some of the jokes were overrated. Again, Will Ferrell is not for everyone.

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Maybe we can get someone that actually has the age of being a proper Doctor. I've been watching Doctor Who since Tom Baker and along with Tenant he was the best. Smith was a little too young and inexperienced for my taste.

Can't wait for Peter Capaldi too make justice for the Doctor.

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Taswell is my GOTY.

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I'm hoping for the next Arkham game...

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Thanks in advance!

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Arkham Origins, Injustice, Dark Knight Rises, Pacific Rim, PS+, RE6 (I'm probably gonna regret it), Supernatural (Season 6 and 7), Vita and Persona Golden.