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I hoping for announcement from Rocksteady. Please let Batman Beyond come to ps4!!!

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That cause is that the Bat is not a pro at fighting yet. Basically, this is Batman year two.

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Is a bummer about the external HD but that was the "cloud" is for...

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High School, private and public, is a mess. Our Universities is always been great, we have the best ones in the world: Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc. I wish they were more affordable for those that can't get scholarships or their families to pay for it. Free socialized higher education will never happen in the U.S, is too much of cost. We already have lot of issues with Obamacare, imagine if the same apply to our graduate programs.

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The coffee guy was amazing. He's was the Heisenberg of Caffeine.

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The speech was amazing and so eloquent, well done Patrick. Does people that make those types of comments are pathetic and I really feel sad for that type of individuals that need to put down other people because of their sad life.

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Take the girls for trick or treating and then as dressed as Batman play Arkham Origins...

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I'm learning Chinese and I find it a lot easier than Japanese, love learning foreign languages tough.

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Politics are politics, here or anywhere else. All they do, is yell at the same time with no solution for the people...