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I guess all he did was... blow off steam?


Making the same joke on different websites feels kinda wrong, not sure why. But there you go.

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I think the better question is why anyone cares that much. If Polygon's review methodology, their attention to social concerns in reviews, or their reviewers bother you, then don't read them.

This is such a cop out. Why not have a healthy conversation instead of ignoring everything you don't like? I for one have enjoyed these last pages of discussion. Free speech means nothing if everybody only listens to stuff they like and agree with.

Also, just mere questions being raised isn't 'caring that much'. How much, according to you, should someone 'care' before they're allowed to discuss something? Also, when did caring about something become a bad thing?

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@meatball said:
@legion_ said:

I've cried two times in my life. None of them involved games.

You are too cool for school, man! Shame not crying at videogames isn't what this thread is about.

Huh? Getting emotional to the point of crying over games is something people can talk about nowadays, but damn you if you even dare to admit that doesnt happen to you?

We have truly come a long way. Congratulations.

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What's the problem? Most pop singers are already just digital vocal edits, why not make the whole performer digital?

not to mention plastic surgery, heavy make up, video and photo editing... this chick's as real as any pop idol has been for the last 20 years.

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I just hope they know what made Twin Peaks good.

I'm optimistic, though. Fargo pulled it off, so why wouldn't Twin Peaks?

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@ajamafalous: having played fps games sorta competitively since mohaa, and having tried all kinds of mice, I have to say the mx518 or g400s really is the definitive answer. That is, unless the shape is somehow uncomfortable for you. Try to avoid laser sensors, they're a gimmick that's somehow refused to die out in spite of all the evidence saying they're never better and pretty much always worse for tracking.

Brad has one too.

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I read the title of this thread and was completely ready to post "fuck Jeff Gerstmann" and leave it at that. Guess i'll just... eh.

Sorry for your loss, what else is there to say? Hang in there.

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"if Destiny was a game that wasn’t hyped up like it was, if Destiny wasn’t a popular game, if it was just a regular game that no one else liked that we enjoyed personally, we would have gone about it the exact same way.”

yeah... no. everything in the article contradicts this.

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That deal may very well be "worth 2.5 billion", but - first off - how much of that sum is taxed and ends up with the government? Secondly, how much of that sum is liquid i.e. what infrastructure/server/personnel crap is thrown into the mix that's also slapped a monetary value? Also, lawyers are goddamn expensive, especially the ones that oversee corporate buyouts/mergers, so how much does notch have left after all the legal fees, hmm?

more than he could ever spend in his life? say he ends up with 1 billion in the bank, invests very conservatively and nets a 1% growth yearly. that would mean the guy has to spend 27k a day just to prevent his fortune from growing.