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Yeah you got a couple free drinks and some bread as a reward. Just not their entire stock for free. She wants to thank you, not go out of business.

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@excast: Does your cable TV never go out? Do you never have a cell phone call drop? Does every plate of food you order taste perfect?

I have been a premium member since they first started doing memberships, and they constantly deliver tons of great content. Even when the content is slow to come out, there is always SOMETHING to watch.

All of those are good reasons to complain. Like you said, they're a business, not your friend.

However, moving their shit down a floor or two shouldn't be a big deal at all. There's no reason that should take more than one day. If the move involves more than just moving their stuff than that can easily be planned before the actual move which, again, should mean there's no need for it to take more than one day.

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I like the Ranger's companion... It basically allows me to run with 1 tank as it can generally stay alive just long enough for me to set up my spells and combo's. I do wish they'd just completely remove the penalty to the Ranger when his companion is knocked out, though. They toned it down a bit, but the companions are nowhere near tough enough to survive almost any serious encounter, and getting punished for that isn't what the Ranger class really needs at this point.

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Has anyone had trouble with King Raerdric? He and his posy just destroy me, I'm playing on normal.

You don't HAVE to talk to him, and if you do, there's no need to attack straight away. If you have a ranged weapon you can pull groups of 3 instead of the whole gang.

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What a race, what a race. Honestly this was better than any race we had last year. I wonder if this was 2 weeks ago we'd still have a German GP.

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In Arcanum, you had MANY ways of completing quests/scenarios

Well two things. First, I am glad you like Arcanum but that games is also broken and buggy as holy crap. Second, early in the game you get a quest where they want you to go to this castle and do things. There are no fewer than three ways to enter the castle, three ways to resolve the quest, and a full on subquest within the quest relating to some npc's in the castle which can also be resolved two different ways. That isn't even beginning to address the issues of how you can get around inside the castle once you actually get in which vary drastically as well.

Many of the quests are like this, even some of the seemingly straight forward ones like the ever popular "Ogre stole my pigs" quest.

Yeah, I like player agency in the story as much as the next guy, but sofar Pillars is DEFINITELY not lacking in that department. On top of having many, many ways to complete a quest (honestly unlike anything I've ever seen) they do an awesome job of not dividing them into the good/evil groups... even the 'bad' guys have a lot to say for themselves and it basically comes down to whose story you buy into more as opposed to your good vs. evil inclination.

One example for an incredibly minor quest(the bear cave):

You come across a guy who is hastily packing up his camp because 'his friend got attacked and killed by a bear' and now he's scared. You go investigate the cave, and sure enough, there's his friend's corpse as well as a bear. However, because you have soul-vision you can see the guy's last moments alive, and thus you find out that the dead dude didn't get as much surprised by a bear as he got attacked by his friend who let the bear finish his work. When you go to his house you find his 'friend' making out with the dead guy's wife... so now you know what's going on, right? Wrong... according to the lovers, the dead guy was an abusive drunk who finally got what was coming to him. Maybe they were not adultering murderers, but then again, of course they would say that. Now what do you do? Avenge the crime? Take the lovers' bribe and let them go? Let them have their money and let them go? Let the corrupted authorities sort them out? You decide, but good luck feeling 100% you did the right thing afterward.

Of course not every single quest is like this, but it is rule more than exception. Some people are cowards... does that mean they deserve to die? Some aren't smart enough to see how their possibly good intentions wreak havoc on the people... kill them? And so on, and so forth. And that's if you believe what they say in the first place... For every argument to do one thing there's someone else pleading for you to do the exact opposite. Maybe they're lying, maybe they're idiots, maybe there's no way to tell. Any goodie-two-shoes paladin intent on rooting out evil and being a beacon of light will have his dreams shattered within the first couple of hours of the game. There's no clearly defined right or wrong, there's a cursed land and a bunch of simpletons trying to deal with it to the best of their ability. Nobody knows what's going on, everyone's panicking... and you're gonna be the righteous hammer of justice? Good luck with that. Where do you start, where will you end and what does that say about you?

It's kinda like KotOR2 in that way... everything you thought you knew about right and wrong goes right out the window, and just when you think you're getting a grip everything changes. It's awesome.

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  • Making Bestiary progress as you defeat non Kith (humanoid) enemies - Lore helps this go up faster.

So if Lore factors into the percentage speed, does that mean it's just based on the number of enemies you kill? I was under the assumption that you have to perform certain actions (attack with different elements, blunt/sharp weapon damage and so on) on enemies to fill out the info.

I think you assumed wrongly. Afaik it's plain kills that grant the info with lore as a modifier.

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So a little observation: the difficulty curve is insane if you start on hard difficulty, unless the first thing you do is hire more partymembers. If you want to play on hard you can, but you pretty much need a full party. I recommend starting on medium, getting your roster filled out and then switching to hard if you're so inclined. I'm still playing on medium with my crew of 4 because for my 1st playthrough I kinda want to only use the written partymembers. This feels alright, balancewise. I feel like I could switch up to hard once I get 1 or 2 more people in. The crew leveling up helps a lot as well, because you do need more abilities than what you start with to be able to properly min-max your dudes and allow them to fulfil their roles. Getting used to the game's mechanics in the process helps a lot as well, of course.

I think there ought to be a club for people who walked into the bear cave alone on hard and consequently got 1-mauled.

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@clush: i know, my writing is a bit confusionary; what i meant is i wanted to hire someone to train him/her immediatly in mechanics to open every lock, and that one happened to be a rogue since I have a main paladin and needed more of a dps character. Since there are no barb, monk, or rogue companions i went with the one of the three that is more viable ranged and that also has a starting bonus to mechanics.

What difficulty do you play on if I may ask? 3 CON seems craaaazy! :D How does that even work?

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I'm trying hard not to abuse the quick save and load system. Managed not to use it during the tutorial dungeon.

There's no need to make the game harder than it is... I wish I remembered to save more. I just had my mage die-die what seemed instantly instead of knocked down when I was sure he had enough HP. Now I'm back at the beginning of the dungeon :/ There's no fun in replaying encounters I've already beat... Game seems long enough anyway.

I guess it's a good thing I didn't save, though... now I can go to bed because there's no new stuff to discover for the next hour or so.