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I don't like how the game forces you into certain trains of thought.

-Greenleaf: I knew what was up as soon as she opened the door, yet you have to play out the scene and then act all surprised at that shocker reveal?

-Crane: Even though you have the opportunity to tell Snow you don't think Crane is the killer, this doesnt change ANYTHING in the script. You will still act as though you're completely tunnelvisioned on him.

They handled this pretty well with the woodsman in Ep. 1, but with the whole shtick of the game being how your decisions affect the story you're being funneled down a critical path pretty hard. Thinking like a detective and keeping your options open isnt how you're supposed to approach this game, apparently.

Other than that I'm enjoying it quite a lot, except for the ridiculously slow pace at which the Ep's are released.

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i think the 1st 5 options in the poll make up 99% of the possibilities in more or less equal shares

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@pudge said:

I'd rather have the niche Oculus and the thousands of independent projects that would have come out for it than a mainstream corporate Second Life viewer with games as a tertiary feature at best. You can all rationalize the sell-out all you want, but it's not pure anymore, and its not worth my passion. To quote Bill HIcks, "I want my rock stars DEAD!"

I was gonna disagree and say something about the OUYA, but then you linked Bill Hicks. And then I scroll down and see this little gem:

Really inspiring. Also a bunch of horseshit.

And then I scroll further down and there's fucking Smashing Pumpkins videos in this thread?! What the HELL is going on? When did the comments section decide to be awesome? Did I miss a meeting?

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@joshwent said:

Huh?. I don't even know how to start talking about this. Are you saying that it's immoral for writers to create characters that do things which you'd deem unethical? Is every creator responsible for the actions of pretend people? If every villain in every story isn't justly punished is the author "discounting ethical reasoning"?

Media may or may not reflect "our social mores", it's completely up to the artist. Maybe I'm missing your point, but it sounds like you're saying that fiction should to be held up to some arbitrary ethical standard, which is kind of terrifying.

No, he's saying media are, well, a medium for the creators to express ideas, not very different from yelling across the street. Saying said ideas don't matter because 'it's only a book (or game)' is way more terrifying than holding them up to any kind of standard.

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Yay for people conflating "I have never been personally offended because of a game" with "I'm not offended by games because i'm not a stupid child". I think a lot of you should try and be a bit more considerate of people feeling like groups they identify with are being belittled or mishandled, especially if you're a straight white dude who has never actually suffered from that kind of ignorant prejudice. "I'm not a thin-skinned pansy" only goes so far when the most you've been through is being called a nerd on the playground.

Seriously you guys, fuck Flower.

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I salute you.

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I slept in, woke up and stumbled across 'Brex' 's stream.... after about four minutes of watching there's that "guys, I think I found something..." and really expecting him to throw at any point I then ended up watching the entire thing live.

One obvious way in which his record could theoretically be beaten would be by 'ghosting' Olmec and Yama. Kinda glad there was no real opportunity presented to really do that, otherwise this would've been the world record to end all world records. Other than that, he only missed out on a potential 75k or something close to that in the entire run.

@patrickklepek crates can't contain live bombs, by the way. chests can, but not crates. Doesnt matter.

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No comment.

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I'm joining the club! Add me on steam (theclush) so you other exploring duders will show up in my leaderboards... I need friends :)

Struggling from the very get-go. Mistakes were made, and also a pretty rough seed.

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I'd like to nominate Jeff Bridges.