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"if Destiny was a game that wasn’t hyped up like it was, if Destiny wasn’t a popular game, if it was just a regular game that no one else liked that we enjoyed personally, we would have gone about it the exact same way.”

yeah... no. everything in the article contradicts this.

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That deal may very well be "worth 2.5 billion", but - first off - how much of that sum is taxed and ends up with the government? Secondly, how much of that sum is liquid i.e. what infrastructure/server/personnel crap is thrown into the mix that's also slapped a monetary value? Also, lawyers are goddamn expensive, especially the ones that oversee corporate buyouts/mergers, so how much does notch have left after all the legal fees, hmm?

more than he could ever spend in his life? say he ends up with 1 billion in the bank, invests very conservatively and nets a 1% growth yearly. that would mean the guy has to spend 27k a day just to prevent his fortune from growing.

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"If everyone could do it, they would."

Seriously? And you claim to have spent time thinking this over?

First of it's simply not true. Not everyone would do it. Not everyone dreams of selling their soul to be rich and famous. There's other things in life worth pursuing. Speak for yourself.

Second, you're forgetting one very big factor: simple chance. I won't call it luck, but i guess a lot of people would. I put kardashian in the same league as Paris Hilton. Everyone could do what they do, but hardly anyone gets the opportunity.

I could do what the king of my country does, except for the fact that princess Beatrice isn't my mother.

As for why people are dicks about Kardashian: she's a demon, set loose on the earth to lower the standards. Google it.

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You sonofabitch!

After reading Alex's tweet I made it my life mission to never find out Yoshi's full name. Less than 2 hours since, I have failed because of the title of this article. Damn you to hell.

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Except for a few loud people here, people definitely don't want options. They want convenience. That's why the iPhone is doing so well. I sigh every time I have to reinstall uplay or origin on top of steam.

Good on sony for nipping this publisher specific subscription thing in the bud and curating their ecosystem. Maybe not for the reasons stated, but I'm happy with their decision.

Also, does EA really not check with platform holders if their new scheme is cool with them before developing and launching it? What if Microsoft had said the same thing, would it even be worth it for EA? Unless EA did in fact mean to compete with ps+ I see no reason why they wouldn't check in with sony earlier and maybe work something out rather than simply getting denied like this. I'm no businessman, but this looks like an ill advised strategy.

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Fuck, the world Cup's over. Now what am I supposed to do?

Watch the Tour de France. Or at least watch tomorrow's stage, it will be epic (as much as I hate that word).

And then there's The International coming up by the end of the week.

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Unnecessary move by Marquez. This was a penalty even if Robben oversold it like he usually does. Mexico shouldn't have given up so much space in the second half but it's still an unfortunate way to go.

In itself maybe this wasn't necessarily a penalty, but it adds up. Robben dove twice, but he also got denied 2 100% penalties before that. The dude broke his own fucking shin bone on Robben's when taking him down in the first half for Pete's sake... while completely missing the ball.

This win not being deserved is the most ridiculous blabber I've ever heard. Maybe this wasn't it, but surely nobody in their right mind can deny the Netherlands deserved AT LEAST one penalty in that game.

Robben admitted to flopping once in the first half on Dutch tv and apologized for it. I think if every instance when Robben went down in the box in this game is up for the same scrutiny as this one where the penalty is finally given, Mexico got off very lucky with only the one. On the other hand, that would probably also mean he deserved at least 1 yellow.

In the end, the Netherlands fought relentlessly and went out to take what's theirs. Nothing was stolen here.

Maybe once the Mexican fans stop shouting 'PUTO!' every time a free kick / corner / goal kick is taken by the opposing team or when their coach stops blaming the referee for getting ultimately outplayed I'll feel more sympathetic towards them... right now, those sour grapes are in fact a really sweet icing on the cake.

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I'm honestly thinking that Columbia will win. James Rodriguez has been the best player at this tournament imho.

Surely you miss-typed Arjen Robben right there? (As well as Colombia, but hey :)


... this isn't over yet...

that goal though.

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That's about as 50-50 as it gets. Called it! *pats himself on the back*

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Having watched every single game sofar, here's my slightly educated predictions:

BRA 50% - 50% CHI: Chile has looked better purely looking at the football, but Brazil maybe looked like they were finally catching their stride a little bit versus Cameroon. They'll need to improve a bit more before they can really give Chile a run for their money, but they just might do exactly that. Then there's of course the home advantage. It might be less of a factor in this game, because there's bound to be tons of Chilean fans showing up as well as Brazilian. This is probably the biggest Ro16 game in there, as neither team would be out of place in the quarter finals or perhaps even the semi's. It's a shame it has to end here for one of these teams.

COL 65% - 35% URU: How good is Uruguay without Suarez? If their first game against Costa Rica is any indication: not very good. It's weird though. On paper, Uruguay wouldn't necessarily need Suarez to field a very strong side. Fact of the matter is, though, their other forwards just haven't delivered to the fullest of their potential. Cavani needs to step up big time as well as the rest of the squad, but with the Suarez suspension being such a blow to Uruguay's morale more than anything I really don't see that happening for them. Just as well, Colombia has been a pleasure to watch and I don't mind seeing them progress.

NL 60% - 40% MEX: With the Netherlands clinically dismantling the Chilean offense in their last group game before landing the killing blow with two trademark exquisite goals they should be the favourites going into this. They have beaten stronger opponents than Mexico without running into much trouble and I see no reason why this would be any different. The best thing about the Dutch is that their weaknesses in the game, namely their play in possession which is very sloppy, don't seem to cause them any problems at all. It's up to Mexico to find a way to capitalize on those mistakes, but again, bigger teams have tried. (full disclosure: I'm Dutch)

CRC 70% - 30% GRE: These are very hopeful odds in that I'm assuming Greece come out to play like they did versus Cote d'Ivoire. It's a bit of a catch-22 for the Greeks, though. If they play as positively as they did in their last game, their lack of footballing quality should leave Costa Rica with little trouble dispatching of them. If they fall back to their anti-footballing ways they might have a better chance at winning but they'll be vilified by anyone that isn't fully invested in cheering them on. In the end, it's the W that counts so I'm not expecting much of this game. Here's hoping Costa Rica will take an early lead.

Perhaps I'll do the other games at some point during the weekend.