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The internet, and content sharing platforms like Youtube, have engendered a new era of access to multimedia expression, and it would be really sad if the big boys were allowed to throw their weight around too much in those places.

You have to realize that Youtube itself is one of the big boys.

It's good to actually see fair use actually get some legal backing. But the comments that Content ID is good enough to check the fair use or not box is worrying. For such a nebulous concept like fair use you really need human eyeballs on a case by case basis.

I disagree. A well defined metric would help fair use in a big way. If left to interpretation, the side with the best lawyers will always be able to make a better case. Not to get political or anything, but look for instance at the 'war on terror'. It's impossible to define the enemy and the win conditions, and therefore it's become this umbrella justification for pretty much everything 'they' want.

Clear definitions, even to the point where a computer algorithm can do the checks, are almost always preferable over these nebulous concepts. If something means too many things it'll stop meaning anything... or it'll mean whatever they want it to mean.

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C'mon guys, just because Dave Lang's company worked on a broken ass game doesn't mean he can't be your friend anymore. There's zero need to clutch at straws defending a company that simply did a shoddy job, Iron Galaxy or not. They should've either done a a better job or not accepted a contract they couldn't fulfil without compromising the quality. Game's busted, and all parties involved deserve be called out.

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@thatpinguino: Honest question, between this discussion and what Austin wrote about the witcher, how would you like PoC to be represented in videogames? Keeping in mind that both games come from cultures that have little to no inherit acquaintance with african american, or black, culture.

I get the feeling that at some point you just can't win...

Don't include a certain culture and people will feel not represented.

Include them only superficially and there will be complaints about tokenism.

Include their culture as well and you're propagating stereotypes.

Am I wrong? And no, that's not a rhetorical question... I honestly don't know anything about this stuff. I've never played a FF game and do not personally know any PoC... if it's even ok to use that term.

Food for thought: where does culture end and stereotyping begin?

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Nanoblade looks cool as shit. I was a little worried they'd focus too much on the action and combat and am still not convinced they aren't, but this eased my mind a little bit. Looks very much like a new and improved human revolution. which is all I need.

Also, that guy at the end of the spoiler bit looks a lot like Dijkstra (witcher series) from the future.

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@clush Read the actual story in question or at least the original post I made about it before running off with hypotheticals about paedophilia that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. The guy in question never denied following the far-right group on Facebook.

I'm aware of the story. Anti-islam does not equal far right and far right does not equal nazism. Also a like on facebook doesn't mean support. I'm not running off with anything more than you are, except I'll happily admit my hypothetical claim is bullshit... and that's really not up for interpretation.

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which I offer no comment on either way since it's up to others to interpret that how they want

well that's not really true is it? If I were to paint you like, let's say, a paedophile because you like animé it would just be an unsubstantiated lie. Saying people should do with that what they will is rubbish if it isn't based on anything. Leaving my claims up to interpretation is ridiculous, there is nothing to interpret and suggesting there is is almost as slanderous as my initial claim.

people still thinking this guy is some kind of nazi only proves that you should be extremely cautious making these kind of claims or suggestions, because clearly some people aren't interested in researching the truth for themselves. Like how crazy would it be if I wouldn't distance myself from such a statement like the above because 'i'm letting people make up their own minds'? As if either explanation is valid...

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@omnomnivore: Nobody is telling anyone to be quiet. What are you even talking about.

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I think people are overreacting when it comes to this game... there's really nothing here to get so offended over. I think the security cam deal looks pretty cool aesthetically, and other than that there isn't anything remarkable about it. It seems perfectly functional if a bit monotonous. I'm kinda with Danny, the AO rating is a mystery to me.

There have been plenty of more graphic as well as more crappy games coming out recently. The marketing for this may have been kinda dumb, but to me it's still nowhere near as dumb as buying in to that and getting upset over it. Again, especially considering all the games that seemingly got a free pass for what's arguably worse than what this game is doing. In the end, the game is a game is a game. We've been over this.

Bottom line: please ignore this title if you want, but can we please drop the hypocritical bandwagon outrage?

That said, I've got too many great games in my backlog to see myself playing this any time soon, if ever.

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Yeah you got a couple free drinks and some bread as a reward. Just not their entire stock for free. She wants to thank you, not go out of business.

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@terradelu said:

@excast: Does your cable TV never go out? Do you never have a cell phone call drop? Does every plate of food you order taste perfect?

I have been a premium member since they first started doing memberships, and they constantly deliver tons of great content. Even when the content is slow to come out, there is always SOMETHING to watch.

All of those are good reasons to complain. Like you said, they're a business, not your friend.

However, moving their shit down a floor or two shouldn't be a big deal at all. There's no reason that should take more than one day. If the move involves more than just moving their stuff than that can easily be planned before the actual move which, again, should mean there's no need for it to take more than one day.