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Wendy's had the Super Bar when I was a kid. It was like a cross between a salad bar and Old Country Buffet/Ponderosa. There was a "Mexican" section where you could make tacos, an "Italian" section with a couple of different pastas and sauces, and the "Garden Spot" which was a traditional salad bar.

It was weird, but pretty cool for a fast food joint.

Edit: Also there was a dessert section with a soft-serve ice cream machine where you could make sundaes and the like.

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The original MGS. It's the game that brought gaming back as a regular hobby for me after not really paying attention to games during my late teenage years (mid-to-late 90s).

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But I put Mr. Poopy

As name

Because I am jokester

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Syracuse, New York, USA

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NBCSN is re-airing qualifying now.

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I love the livery on the Williams-Martini cars. Classic.

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Is there anyone in the grandstands? They look absolutely empty on NBCSN.

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I picked up a PS4 recently because it was $100 cheaper than the XONE.

That's the only reason.

I'm probably going to pick up an XONE later in the year.

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Tool's 10,000 Days. In 2006. Every music purchase since has been through iTunes.

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