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The 3D in Zen Pinball 2 is definitely worth checking out. It's the first implementation I've seen that doesn't feel novel. I play in "View 1" which is a static camera. The table transforms from a squished square to a full rectangular playfield. Some of the 2D tables now seem incredibly distorted to me; the Hulk table, Moon Knight, and Thor seem the most noticeable. Oddly the 3D doesn't seem to improve the Blade table, but the Spiderman, Infinity Gauntlet, Fear Itself, Tesla, and Ninja Gaiden tables are drastically improved.

To answer the original question, "Yes, the 3D support on Zen Pinball has certainly improved my skill. My estimations for speed of the ball were confused at first, but now the ball speed appears to be consistent since the perspective includes depth perception."

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@KingPossum: that's what I was thinking too.
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@Take_Opal:  I feel ya. For some reason, I have have gone into minecraft afraid of the monsters (regardless of their real difficulty or the punishments of a death) and have had hours of ecstatic enjoyment planning out my daytime activities and improving my home base by considering my needs. I made it taller with torches so I could see it from afar; I have a tower from which I can scope out points of interest; I have multiple entrances and exits because creepers have been waiting outside for me. I even have pit traps that I can run past in case I'm being chased.  I prepare for my ventures into the surrounding mountains, valleys and caves. And I've had a lot of intense moments of panic and have come up with ingenious solutions to obstacles that I insisted on overcoming.  
After 10 deaths or so, I've decided that whenever I die, I must exile myself from the spawn point with a journey of at least a day and night. Slowly I build the world up around me. Chests of treasures from past lives lay where they were when I was blown into a tree by a creeper explosion and then shot down by an arrow.  One day, I may accidentally come across my waterfall castle, but I wouldn't know how to get to it.  
None of this is required by the game's mechanics, but as I continue to play and see opportunities to experience the cubical world in more immersive ways, I make those rules and I stick to them because it makes every piece of coal I mine matter at the moment that I find it.  
I don't know how to communicate a reason to care about getting enough string from a spider to make a bow. I don't know why I care, but I have a plan to build a tower near some trees and then set the trees afire when I hear a slurping sound. And it's going to be awesome. 
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I was just going to buy it to promote this kinda financial model, but the game is actually really good. It doesn't hit me until I start adding to that first grid before it fills up, and as I get more and more I get a nice little rush. 
I start playing it softly, but find myself spinning at the idea of how good someone could get at this game. They did a good job. 

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@Branthog:  I agree.
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I think the no-party-chat thing might just be in some playlists, like ranked or something. So you all might be wasting your energy, unless you don't think that any playlist should have no-party-chat.  
If it is just in some playlists, then I think it's a good thing because I would have the option to be in a room of people who are talking in-game or I could play more casually and party chat with a friend in a separate playlist.