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I've told friends before that you'll never know how many people you give the will to face another otherwise miserable day just by being a positive, funny, entertaining presence on the internet. It's something I think about whenever I live stream games on Twitch, or participate in a podcast.

Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb was exactly that kind of presence. It's odd to feel this cold pit in my stomach over the death of someone I never met in person, but then again, Davis and the entire Giant Bomb crew have always been so sincere in their writing and podcasting that they naturally drew people in and built a sense of community.

What I'm saying is, whether you blog, make youtube videos, podcasts, or anything on the internet, you're not 'just entertaining people'. Do what you do with enthusiasm. You're mending broken spirits and brightening days. What you are doing MEANS something.

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My working conspiracy theory is that they're trying to fix these problems by adding the absolute minimum number of new servers since they don't want to have to sink cost into a bunch of hardware that'll be unnecessary when traffic cools to post launch levels. Just my guess.

I love the game when it's working though, and in two weeks I suspect everything will be fine. Good thing I'm nocturnal right now so I can play in the off-peak hours of 1-5am.