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It was a fun video, but I really hope we hear about a Western release for Dragon Quest VIII in the foreseeable future.

I'm still waiting on that 3DS Dragon Quest VII remake to make it over here :(

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Lucha Underground has basically taken the WMAC Masters concept and ran with it. Hopefully LU gets more seasons than WMAC Masters did!

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That ROH on Destination America news is really surprising. Can't wait to hear the story behind it.

Also, can these promotions please work on getting time on channels that I actually have access to?

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You'll be fine. You won't be coming up with your own lightning algorithms or anything like that but in terms of just programming you can get by without being great at math.

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Any of you guys following this news regarding Destination America cancelling Impact and TNA's people either playing dumb or being delusional about it? Really makes TNA look bad. I get that when you work in a public-facing role for a company you have to be ready to defend it from criticism but there's a certain point where loss of personal credibility has to outweigh the benefits of being a blindly loyal employee. Especially when your employer is clearly having financial problems.

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I feel like there has to have been one Kidd-Cesaro match that really rose above the rest, or one had a real hot ending, because I remember the chat going ham for it.

I remember a Cesaro-Kidd-Ziggler match from Smackdown being very well received, that might be what you are thinking of. I can't remember if that match even happened this year, though.

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Thor 2.

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So happy for Joe. He deserves the opportunity to show the world how good he is. Hope he is treated as well as he should be.

Now to watch the final Letterman!

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@hadoken101: That sounds like a great time! The LAW radio guys are always talking about how great Smash is and the positive word of mouth makes me want to make the trip up to Toronto to see it.