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Listen, I love Funaki as much as anybody... but maybe don't attach a joke character to the guy you are trying to push as a big deal?

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That's awesome! Now make my SNES into a drum kit.

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@brodehouse: I think that a Public Enemy inspired group would be awesome. Kofi can even play the role of Hype Man Flava Flav. Woods as Chuck D, and of course Big E as Professor Griff. They couldn't be heels though, because Public Enemy was fucking great.

This would be great. Even just licensing a Public Enemy song for them to use as entrance music would be enough to get me on board.

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@kirillorlov said:

@demoskinos: How much in the hole is Dixie and anyone else investing in the company?

Her parents own Panda Energy and I am pretty sure they foot the bill for TNA. So it's definitely a money loser for them but who knows if the loss is even a significant amount when compared to what they bring in from their primary business ventures.

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There must have been around a dozen pin attempts on Kane during that match. He was pretty much there to take everyone's finishers.

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So... jeeez.. that Lana promo... that seemed unwise

Yeah, like... this isn't the 80's anymore. I don't think they should be allowed to get away with that kind of stuff.

Middle of the ground PPV for me. I just don't know about some of the guys WWE are putting their confidence in. Guess time will tell.

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@jadegl said: a person that loves to play games so much that Diablo II seriously effected her GPA as a college freshman.

That makes two of us!

I don't really have much to add but I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this.

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What a great standing shooting star press

Little known fact that Hercules worked the independent circuit before defeating Cerberus.

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@sbaitso said:

@mb: The fact that he still has that job is a little scary to me. I wonder if this will stick to him going forward. I can sort of imagine him sitting down for an interview or something and the interviewer just being like "hey, you're that guy who wasted hundreds of thousands of your own customer's money and failed to deliver, right? NEXT!"

Or they'll consider it ~2 years of leadership experience. "Failing upwards" is a very real concept when it comes to managerial and leadership roles.

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Jeff posted on his blog that he has decided that he needs to feel. the. BANG! and he bought DDP Yoga. It's a great program. I used if solid for about a month, and it was nuts how much better I was feeling. Unfortunately, real life decided to kick me in the beanbag (and me being a bit lazy didn't help), so I kind of fell off the wagon. But, having just moved into a new apartment, I feel it's time to start fresh. Maybe some form of "Giant Bomb DDP Yoga Club" is in order to get a bunch of us nerds into ring shape...

Yeah, I did it for 5-6 months last year and I felt much better than before. It helped me lean out so I have been trying to mix it in with a weight lifting routine, mainly to build muscle mass but also so I don't get too bored of doing one or the other. I get lazy at times, though, so that has been on and off for the past year or so. I'll be interested in hearing Jeff's thoughts on the program.