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I doubt that this is the end for TNA. The show still does decent numbers all things considered and they have until October to find another TV deal. Someone will pick them up.

Until these NYC tapings, they were regularly being beaten by COPS reruns.

They've regularly pulled in around 1 million viewers a week for the past 10 years. That is a significant number to most networks.

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Haven't watched TNA in forever. Is it still abysmal as it used to be?

Not great, but it was getting better. IMO it's been just as good as Raw for the past month or so.

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The story about Russo being rehired to Spike's chagrin is hilarious and definitely fitting.

Also, I guess that means it's time right?

I think anything else at this point would be absolutely insane for him to do. I want Swagger vs Angle.

On JR's podcast the other week Angle was flat-out saying that he wants a WWE run to end his in-ring career. As long as he can pass the physical I think that would be awesome.

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The other rumors flying around is that SpikeTV hates Russo and did not like him being brought back in

There could not be a more TNA way of going out than rehiring the man that your network partners hate.

Yeah, really... thanks again for your contributions to wrestling, Russo. First WCW and now TNA.

And just think about all of the great talent TNA has been cutting this past year to get their finances in order, yet for some perplexing reason some person or group feels some compelling need to have Russo on their staff. What is it about that guy that makes people put their trust in him? He has done nothing but damage the pro wrestling industry for the past 16 years. He has very few positives in his track record, most people within the industry have negative opinions of him... WHY and HOW does he find a way to get these companies to pay him such considerable amounts of money to produce the kind of material which has historically adversely affected his employers?

Cornette, Heyman, Mantell, Ross, Jarrett... all great minds, historically successful in pro wrestling, who were passed over or driven out of TNA because of the company's need to keep Russo on staff. It sucks that this is the way TNA ends but goddamn if they didn't bring it upon themselves.

I wonder if Vince McMahon ever took the time to really appreciate how much of a blessing in disguise Ed Ferrara and Vince Russo walking out on him for WCW really was?

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So I'm officially done listening to Jim Cornette and his podcast. This week he had on Missy Hyatt on and at about the 45 minute mark the conversation broke into Missy and Jim talking about how John Cena looks like a homophobic slur that I'm not going to repeat. At first I thought Jim was pretty great because he does have some on point rants about things sometimes but the more I listen to him the more he just seems like a old hateful bastard. And after that kind of language just casually being dropped on the podcast was the limit. Can't get down with people casually using words like that.


That sucks to hear, wish he would dial it back on some of that stuff.

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rumour is tna did not get their tv renewed.sources are iffy though.

Yeesh, that's rough, but unfortunately kind of expected. No idea what they do from here.

EDIT: Link to TMZ story on this. (Different kind of dirt sheet, I guess)

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Caught up with the G1 Climax stuff I've missed over the past couple of days. Day 4 in particular has a TON of fun matches, with two legit awesome matches in Ishii/Honma and Tanahashi/Shibata. The latter in particular makes me really want a rematch on a stage where they'd get more time. This tournament in general has been a hell of a lot of fun -- every crowd seems super hyped for the shows, and there have been lots of fun matchups. The upcoming shows have some cool matches, too ... Honma/Nakamura and Naito/Okada on Monday, Goto/Anderson and Tanahashi/Ishii on Thursday, and Nakamura/Ishii on Friday.

Looking forward to seeing what the Bullet Club members do when they're matched up against each other, too (Gallows/Fale on Thursday, Yujiro/Anderson on Friday, and Styles/Anderson on Aug. 4).

I just watched Day 4 and boy was that a fun show. I'll echo your statements on Honma/Ishii and Tanahashi/Shibata being great, the latter in particular had an awesome ending that legit looked brutal. Anderson getting the win over Okada was very surprising and their match also had a cool finishing sequence. I am looking forward to watching another show next weekend.

I REALLY want New Japan to pick up steam in the west, and I think they should start by bringing in Jim Ross to provide English commentary. I feel that he has the experience and the talent to be able to translate the abilities and stories of foreign talent to local audiences. Obviously I'd also like for them to get a new provider for their shows now that Ustream is bailing out of iPPV but who knows how that can happen.

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@rotnac: "I'M DRESSED AS AN ANIME" goddamn I laughed way too hard at that.

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Listen, I love Funaki as much as anybody... but maybe don't attach a joke character to the guy you are trying to push as a big deal?

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That's awesome! Now make my SNES into a drum kit.