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Poor Zack Ryder. Everyone of his tweets I hear about makes me feel bad for him.

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Sorry for your loss, Jeff.

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Raw... has changed.

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Dean Ambrose is Solid Snake CONFIRMED.

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Agree with everyone praising the Sheamus-Cesaro match. I hope they do another one.

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@cmblasko: It's already been confirmed there is a CAW feature in 2K15. It's tied to the NXT story mode stuff, so it's gotta be there. The OTHER creation features, however, have not been confirmed one way or the other yet.

Oh OK, that's good to know. I wonder if the VGCW crew will just stick with 14 if the story creation tools aren't in 15? I suppose they could use a workaround like simulating the matches in 15 and cutting over to 14 for story content, though that might be more work than it's worth.

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@gorillamopena: Yeesh. Half of that 2 minute "game play" trailer is logos and entrances. Graphics are impressive but the animations don't look great to me. You can pretty easily tell which are holdovers from previous years and which are new.

So unless this feature has already been confirmed and/or demoed and I missed it, my crazy prediction for WWE2k15 is that there is no create-a-superstar whatsoever.

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Another great PPV by the WWE (or monthly Sunday show? what are we calling these now?) I'm convinced now that the IWC is going to bitch unless things go exactly their way and to be honest their way would be awful. Only thing that I would have changed would have been for Ambrose to break up the cash in attempt.

If I had my way Dolph and Miz would have formed a temporary alliance to put Florida Georgia Line through multiple tables, then continued their match.

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Chikara was pretty wild. I got to see the Spirit Squad for the first time in years and TNA wrestlers Sanada and Rockstar Spud, who must have been on their 4th or 5th straight night of performing. Bane himself even appeared after the main event and apparently murdered two masked wrestlers in the ring! It was a fun show, though the crowd got a little grating at times. I can see why Chikara have maintained such a loyal following.

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Lots of wrestling going on this weekend. TNA is running what might turn out to be the final taping of Impact in my hometown on Friday so I feel obligated to attend; hopefully I can convince some of my friends to go with me. King of Trios is also happening this weekend and that's right down the road so I will probably try to attend the Saturday show. Then, NJPW Destruction in Kobe early Sunday morning, which I will probably not watch until sometime during the week, and Night of Champions later on at night.

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I remain excited for MGSV and pessimistic about Kiefer Sutherland's involvement in the project.