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Chikara was pretty wild. I got to see the Spirit Squad for the first time in years and TNA wrestlers Sanada and Rockstar Spud, who must have been on their 4th or 5th straight night of performing. Bane himself even appeared after the main event and apparently murdered two masked wrestlers in the ring! It was a fun show, though the crowd got a little grating at times. I can see why Chikara have maintained such a loyal following.

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Lots of wrestling going on this weekend. TNA is running what might turn out to be the final taping of Impact in my hometown on Friday so I feel obligated to attend; hopefully I can convince some of my friends to go with me. King of Trios is also happening this weekend and that's right down the road so I will probably try to attend the Saturday show. Then, NJPW Destruction in Kobe early Sunday morning, which I will probably not watch until sometime during the week, and Night of Champions later on at night.

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I remain excited for MGSV and pessimistic about Kiefer Sutherland's involvement in the project.

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Grantland article on TNA

Pretty interesting stuff. I want to like Dixie but she makes it difficult when she says things like AJ Styles turning down a deal which would have cut his salary by 40% was a mistake.

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Not surprising; they haven't even put out a single official game play video yet.

This series needs 2-3 years to ditch Yukes, rebuild itself from the ground up, then resume the dumb annual releases for another 15 years.

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@warfare: Goddam pal, big guy for a football player.

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@wikitoups said:

@cmblasko: I'm gonna suggest roman reigns to put him over (they are also related)

I see no reason for him to face Brock.

Could do Rock-Brock this WM, Brock wins convincingly, then Roman-Brock the following WM and Roman wins to avenge The Rock's loss ("I did it for The Rock" version 2) and uphold the family name.

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Apparently The Rock said something about only coming back for a match that would be bigger than his last one with Cena. So what do you guys think that could end up being? I'm guessing a match with either Brock or Roman (if he's where they are projecting him to be at that point) for Wrestlemania 32.

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Should have called him HIDEO or ITAMI. Let him keep the single name, capital letters deal since it stands out.

Or just keep him as KENTA and make use of the value that an established name provides.