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Right as soon as VGCW gets big they start removing the features it requires to work. Oh well, guess they'll stick with '14 for another year.

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Roman Reigns on the Powerbombcast might just be the thing that makes me start pulling for him.

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Good for her! Hope her career continues to skyrocket after all the bullshit she's had to put up with.

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@gorillamopena: WHY ISN'T THIS SHIT ON RAW

In one (untelevised) promo Ryback makes me want to cheer for him.

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No, it's not very useful to me.

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By the way, kudos to @turboman for the new thread title. Got a hearty chuckle out of me.


Also, this courtesy of neogaf:

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@jnicode88: Yep. Who has benefited from being paired with Bray?

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Bray Wyatt's shenanigans make babyfaces look dumb.

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I forgot the PPV was this weekend.

Did y'alls see the dope-ass Ziggler/Cesaro promo for their match on Sunday? How fucking hard is it to put this promo on Raw?

Not enough time. Gotta give Chrisley his plug.

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@jewunit: Man, I heard about Koslov's botch in that match, but I didn't know the poor guy got caught up in the ropes like that. Good thing Romero was there to catch him.

Besides that, the match was great. All those guys are so athletic. I have always wanted Alex Shelley to get a shot in the WWE but he is doing such awesome work in New Japan that it would (selfishly) kind of be disappointing if that happened.