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Now that I finally have a day off after one of these shows, I'm staying up for today's G1 Climax show. Really looking forward to the Ishii/Shibata match in particular.

Hopefully Ishii's injury (shoulder I think?) doesn't hamper that match too much. Really wish I could stay up to watch one of these live.

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@i_stay_puft: OK, I can definitely see where long term fans are coming from in that regard then. I've only started (somewhat consistently) watching UFC within the last year so I don't have that same frame of reference when it comes to situations like these.

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Someone will have to explain to me how this is bad for the sport because it really just makes me want to watch their fight even more.

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I wonder if Google would ever pull, say, a short film about the same subject matter.

The game seems to simply be portraying real-world events that are taking place right now. Why is that offensive?

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@kanerobot said:

Screenshot looks nice, but it's depressing seeing people sold on a game after one screenshot. If it still plays like last year's, who cares how realistic Cena looks?

This seems to happen every year with those games. Some feature or halfway decent improvement is shown and immediately everyone develops amnesia and gets unreasonably excited, forgetting the extreme shortcomings these games have had for going on a decade now.

And like I said in the other thread on this, who cares if Cena looks good when the CAWs still look bad?

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Looks good, but the problem I've always had with this approach to making the character models is that now the created wrestlers will not look nearly as good which creates a visual dichotomy when mixing the two together in matches.

Also, personally, not getting excited until actual game play footage is out since that has always been the major pitfall of the series for me.

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@shindig said:

AJ Styles can wrestle like a boss all he likes but until he can cut a decent promo, WWE won't come knocking. The closest he comes to a heel look is a week without shaving.

Creatively, there's not much you can do.

Can Roman Reigns cut a promo?

At the laziest, there is NOTHING you need to do with AJ except give him competent opponents and a reasonable amount of time for matches on PPVs. Need a hot opener, make someone look good, workrate-heavy midcard match? These are all things AJ can provide for WWE right now without any investment.

@bartok: Ha, It's been 10 years, maybe I am looking back through nostalgia goggles

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@bartok said:

Every match with AJ I see from NJPW and ROH is further proof that TNA should have been built around Styles as the face of the company. He might not be great on the mic and a bit homophobic but God Damn can he pull off some crazy shit!

Speaking of TNA. I have been watching the old weekly PPVs and I am shocked they lasted as long as they did. A little known secret about TNA is they always sucked save for the X-Division and the homegrown superstars they would eventually job out to former ECW/WCW/WWE talent once they started to get over. Looking through their roster they had some of the hottest indie talent in the world and they wasted it. I'm talking CM Punk, The Briscos, Sara Del Ray, Matt Sydal, Nigel McGuiness, and fucking Okada! They treated Okada so horribly that it pretty much destroyed their relationship with Japan until they promised they had fired Vince Russo and well we know how that goes.

Not only that, but it makes me think more and more how crazy WWE are for passing on him multiple times now. They've got some pretty significant depth problems at the moment and guys like AJ and Chris Daniels could go a long way in filling those holes.

Yes, TNA has always been mediocre to bad with moments of greatness from time to time. They were very close to going out of business during the weekly PPV days when the Carters stepped in and saved the company by purchasing it. The one thing I remember really liking from the early TNA days was the Raven-Jeff Jarrett feud which IMO would be remembered much more fondly had Raven not defeated Jarrett for the title (back when they were loaning the NWA World Championship!) way later than he should have.

I believe I remember hearing on a podcast recently that New Japan intentionally sent Okada to TNA to humble him before giving him his big push because they knew that TNA would misuse him.

And it's not just TNA's misuse of talent, but the lost opportunities as well. I'm probably just repeating common knowledge at this point but years ago TNA was negotiating with Paul Heyman to come in as a creative member. He actually wanted full control of creative so that he would have the time and power necessary to implement a long term plan. That plan was to bring in Bryan Danielson and strap the proverbial rocket to him, having him tap out nearly everyone on the roster and go on an undefeated streak, eventually culminating in winning the title and being in high-profile feuds with guys like Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Styles. Dixie was not comfortable with giving full control of creative to Heyman (and seemingly was so attached to Russo for whatever reason that she didn't want to give Heyman control over him) and the deal never went through.

Look at where Bryan and Heyman are right now and consider just how differently things might have played out had TNA allowed Heyman the opportunity to put his plan into motion.

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@meatball said:

@turboman said:

Just got through Day 7 of G1 Climax

  • AJ Style vs. Minoru Suzuki is fucking great. Might be the best match of this whole tournament so far.
  • Shibata vs. Nagata was fun, Ishii vs. Nakamura was also good stuff... but neither compared to AJ/Suzuki

Yeah, AJ/Suzuki is easily one of my favourite matches of the year. Great match, and the crowd really enhanced it, too.

All this, AJ and Suzuki was fucking PHENOMENAL (TM). And HOLY SHIT that bump that Honma took at the end of his match vs. Fale! Guy's like the Japanese Dolph Ziggler.

Can Spike TV or someone cool please give New Japan a TV deal here in the states? I want to watch this shit weekly, this is easily the most fun I've had watching wrestling in a long time.

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Can't wait! Just unlocked Platinum God in WOTL Isaac last week and looking forward to doing it again in Rebirth.