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Can't wait for Bryan's announcement that he is following in CM Punk's footsteps and will be fighting for UFC next year.

In any case, he's had a fantastic career and will undoubtedly kick ass at whatever he chooses to do next.

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Does PSN work yet? I just want to play my new PS4 :(

Damn you great lizard uprising of 2352!

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@gorillamopena: Watching that first gif I now realize that I'd be perfectly OK with Cesaro just stealing Minoru Suzuki's gimmick and using it in WWE. That t-shirt is tremendous.

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Please someone really smart figure out a way for these billion dollar companies to defend against DDOS.

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope y'all have a good one!

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@gorillamopena: Hahaha that shirt.

I think it was one of the Observer podcasts I was listening to where it was mentioned that the Styles Clash is now more over than ever in Japan due to all of the injuries and controversy surrounding it. Chances are he won't be dropping the move anytime soon, at least not in Japan.

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Indy promotions around the country should use "The Bunny" for their events.

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This thread reminds me of how my parents wouldn't let me play Diablo when I was a kid. They had no problem with virtually every other violent game I wanted to play - Mortal Kombat, Hexen, Doom, whatever - yet for some reason I was forbidden from playing Diablo. I still think that was the weirdest thing and don't understand why they did that.

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Hey, does anyone in here who has a Steam account want a free copy of Walking Dead season 2? I bought it for my cousin and meant to send it to him on Christmas but then he ended up going and buying it for himself today (the blessing and curse of the Steam holiday sale).

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More excited for Wrestle Kingdom than any other wrestling show.