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I've been with Punk since day 1, and the podcast only reaffirms that position.

WWE has been run in an exploitative and unethical manner since its inception and wrestling needs more people like Punk who have the balls to not only speak out against it but to also take action against them when necessary.

I want to like Ryback but he is making it difficult.

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I hate that people (I remember Dan Ryckert doing this) think that HHH doesn't bury people or slow down peoples momentum. It's just factually incorrect.

Yeah, totally. It's kind of naive not to recognize that he has done that stuff after all this time. It's gone way past "dirt sheet rumors" into "consistent stories over 15 years."

Like, I know that Triple H is the average internet fan's best friend right now because he says funny things on Raw and he hired Kevin Steen, but consider that we are still constantly hearing stories about how he dicks around people backstage then think about how much worse that will be when he (presumably) has even more power after Vince is gone. He's not the magic bullet that some people like to think he is and it is disappointing to see so many people fall for this narrative he is trying to push.

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Good luck with everything. For what it's worth, if you ever want to talk feel free so shoot me a message.

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@cmblasko: Once you get used to the rooms Hard Mode is just worse RNG for consumables which further randomizes your chances of success; though the AI seems a bit more reactive.

Yeah, the AI definitely seems to be "smarter" on hard mode. Seems harder to dodge the enemies who chase you, as well.

I did end up getting through the chest with Azazel just now; turns out the trick was to find Brimstone and turn his mini-lazer into a proper full-screen lazer. Guess I just have to play more and learn the rooms better (and hope for good items).

Reading this stuff about The Lost though... that's sounding kind of like a nightmare to me. Not sure if I have the patience for it.

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I could be wrong, but Okada seems like the kind of guy who isn't a very good athlete outside of pro wrestling.

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So am I just terrible at this game or is hard mode ridiculously difficult for anyone else? Like, I can't even get past the Cathedral with Azazel, who most seem to agree is the easiest character to play.

I had no trouble regularly getting through The Chest in WOTL.

Any tips in general for dealing with hard mode, or do I just need to wait to be carried to make up for my apparent lack of skill?

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Main event was probably the best Survivor Series match I've seen. Rest of the show was fine.

Wrestling's stepping it up in 2015 - wrestlemania build, Lucha Underground, Njpw attempting to break into the US. Good times abound, friends.

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@drx25 said:

@gorillamopena: Taking out Cameron, none of those women are bad. I mean, some might not be polished, but others are great.

Also, major Smackdown spoilers ahead:

Triple H announced that, if Team Cena loses, all members of the team are fired.

I guess that takes out any doubt that Team Cena wins, but, at the same time, it's not like the last time Cena was fired meant anything.

I'm guessing that Authority wins and when they are about to fire Cena & Friends the next night on Raw, Vince comes out and stops them which kicks off a Vince vs. Authority feud which will lead to Wrestlemania and possibly Rock vs. Triple H.

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From listening to Review-a-Raw it sounds like Raw was a terrible show. I'm so glad I found that podcast and stopped watching live as it's been a huge time saver.

WWE 2K15 sounds like a mess. So much for being optimistic about 2K getting the WWE license.

I'm glad that there are so many alternatives to WWE nowadays as I would be a miserable wrestling fan without them.

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@recspec: Hahahaha that gif. Is that PS4/XB1 or PS3/360?

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Hard modes's kicking my ass, guys. Any tips for dealing with Polycephalus rooms in womb 1 and 2? I can never quite figure out how to deal with him without taking a few hits.

<-- Talking about this guy.