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I'm on the assassinate General Braddock mission, and to get 100% sync it says to blow up all the barrels. For some reason I'm not able to shoot the 3rd barrel, is anyone else having this bug or am I doing something wrong?

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I'm looking for the reaper gem fragments to put in the reaper building in the soul cairn but I can't find them. Does anyone know where I can find these things?

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Here's a thought of what I'd like to see as DLC at some point for Skyrim. I want one where we can somehow go back in time, or learn about the stories of the dwermer and the falmer, and how they ended up how they are currently. I think theres great chances for good stories to come from that.

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alright I heard it from the guards, thanks for the info.

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I was wondering how the DLC is started. Does someone come and find me or do I have to look for something?

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I'm 100 in sneak with all the perks maxed out in that tree and I was wondering if I put points into one-handed weapon damage will that stack onto my dagger kills?

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I did talk to him again but none of the options work, also I'm doing this long after I originally did the ring quest so my saves aren't that far back.

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I did plant the ring because the quest says to talk to him in the Ragged Flaggon but he is still standing in his stall above the Ratways

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No known fix?

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I'm on the 360 and I have the bug where Brynjolf gets stuck at his stand pretending to sell stuff and I can't get him to the Ragged Flaggon to start the Theives Guild quest line. i was wondering what I can do to fix it.