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You can say this situation is different, but you'd be hard pressed to find an instance where a developer who embraced/didn't mind piracy didn't benefit from doing so.

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At least they turned it around. Blizz is one of the few companies that is willing to say "Yep, our bad." and fix the problem that has everyone complaining instead of just sticking to it.

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Amazon is typically fairly good at getting it shipped to you on time even if you order it a few days within release.

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That'd be like Activision having exclusive rights to the M4A1, and no other shooter could have it.

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The irony is that DRM solves absolutely nothing, and causes a mess of problems. Pirates still get the game, and the experience for the law abiding is worse.

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It's funny because this is done to stop pirating in the first place and all it does is encourage it. "You mean I can have the game without all these troubles AND for free?"  And the thing is, pirating isn't the problem. Majority of the piraters who pirated the game end up buying it anyways. Those who don't usually never intended on getting the game at all.

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If they change any actual gameplay, I feel like that would ruin it. CS is virtually perfected and as long as they just add to the game a little and update it's look, I think it could be a good addition.

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I stuck with the pistols and the spear for most of the 2nd half. Having armor piercing on all of the flowers and such makes everything smoother.

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It's not a bad idea but usually it tends to be a smarter idea to just pick a character that you are comfortable with. That being said, if you play well with multiple characters you might as well pick the best match up possible.