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Are you  synchronizing your apps? iTunes, by default, wont copy it on your iPod. You need to go to the apps tab and enable it.

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Isaac used tools instead of weapons because he was caught in the situation. Are thes guys an elite team of engeniers?

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I support this. For an endurance run. With a camera on the player. 

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@random_guy23:  Machinarium
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All time favorite: Shotgun.

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Tonight Penumbra: Requiem.  Dragon Age in the hold, still working in Darksiders 1000/1000

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I tink half the Bayonetta visits was me, editing things in the suporting cast pages xD

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Route 666? Wait for Isla del Sol, you will bite the analog stick off.

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Crazy Awesome

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I LOVE DMC3. But playing it after Bayonetta its a pain. Stil my two favorite action games, but if I have to choose Bayonetta all the way. 



" I remember the hype around DMC3 being mad hard when it came out, it was definately a step-up from it predecessors, the best in the series really. I'd like DMC5 to go back to that DMC3 style. "

Well, the Occidental Normal mode was the Hard japanese one, so ofcourse it was hard. And I'd also like DMC5 to be a full game, unlike DMC4. 
@RaccoonusDoodus said:
" How the hell is Bayonetta getting more votes? I mean, I love Bayonetta, but, dude, Devil May Cry 3 is the best game of this genre. DMC3 all the way. "
Bayonetta does everything DMC3 does, and better.
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