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I liked some of the ideas you tried to convey purely through visuals, you seem to be developing an eye for that aspect of filmmaking.

From a purely cinematographic perspective, don't forget about your wide(r) shots! Even when you want to convey a lot of stuff happening in your lead's head, it's usually better to save close ups for the most meaningful moments. This could have used some 2-shots as well.

You did pretty well with what looked like available and natural light, I especially liked the darker scene near the end in his apartment where he is in the foreground looking camera right. Be careful about blowing out your highlights, especially when shooting with a DSLR, blobs of pure white from blowouts pretty much always look bad. You can get some of the same kind of material they use for bounce and diffusion at fabric stores, like muslin, which you can tape up outside a window or set just off camera to bring down the light level or fill in shadows. Bounced light can be surprisingly useful.

Double and triple check that your focus is right, especially if you have an AC to work with, bad focus is just lazy.

Watch your shutter speed changes, they were very distracting here.

Get your primary audio with a shotgun mic pointed overhead and down at the actors chest/mouth area, lavs should really be for backup when you can't get good mic placement since it's so much harder to make it sound natural without ambient sound. Room tone!

This was alright for a student film, keep up the good work. If I've been telling you stuff you already know, sorry, I know the experience of having someone on set trying to teach you things you already know like you're a child. As someone working in the industry it's always cool to connect with fellow filmmaking duders.

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cmpLtNOOb's fetish is incest.

@development said:

Some of this must not be random...

Hideo Kojima's fetish is robots.

I hope they're random...

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I just did another refresh when I got to my screen and redirects to Unless someone downloaded and plans to rebuild stuff, the wiki, forums, and video content have all disappeared into the internet ether.

It was fun while it lasted.

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I don't know about all this other stuff you guys are talking about, but I'd really like at least one way to safely go to the bathroom, or let my dog out, or answer an important phone call when I'm playing Dark Souls 2. Maybe it will be a rare occurrence, but I don't look forward to potentially having to just stand there and die, losing all my stuff, because I got invaded while I was pooping. Having to quit the game every time to avoid that seems very inconvenient.

In Dark Souls I knew I was taking a risk when I was human, but I knew I could stay at a bonfire or a cleared out corner away from enemies when I was hollow if I needed to step away for a few moments.

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If you use iTunes (I'm not sure how not to but I don't know everything), make sure it is set to not automatically sync devices when they are plugged in.

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Now THIS I could see myself playing on public transportation!

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I just got back from seeing Pacific Rim and wondered what everyone's thoughts are on it.

Personally, I had a good time watching it, but it seemed a little disappointingly small in scope for as big as it was supposed to be. Whenever there wasn't a huge fight scene happening, the movie followed a somewhat small cast of characters in not very many locations. Aside from the prologue, I never got a good sense of the outside world, which kind of took away some of the tension.

It was definitely a cool movie, but I guess I just wish the narrative felt bigger, rather than the literal size of the things in the movie.

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You will be missed Patrick, even though you won't really be gone.

Go break some huge stories for us!

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Welcome back Rorie!

This news makes me very happy.

I expect an UNCOMFORTABLE amount of talking about puppies and Emma Stone.

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Dave you will be missed, but good luck with fatherhood and congratulations.

And yes please, come back every once in awhile, you always seemed to have a great sense of humor that always played well on video and audio.

Having Rorie back really does make this bittersweet, but I think everybody will go right back to loving him on the site.