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Grand Theft Auto III-IV actually has a pretty biting, spot on satire of the (our) country. I approve. 

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I'm a big fan of Caetano Veloso and Antonio Carlos Jobim. The Samba/Bossa Nova stuff is so interesting to me I've been learning Portuguese on my free time for the last few months.   
Anyway, I'm just a generic American with no real ethnic background (unless you go back to past my grandparents).. 

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Picking out a guitar is more of an emotional choice than a logical decision. Buy whatever guitar you feel drawn to: Do you like the sound, the look, and the way it feels to play. 
My only piece of advice is not to spend too much money on any hobby until you've spent enough time doing it to know you won't lose interest. Anything above the 200-500 dollar range might be overkill.

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I actually use my membership features quite a bit, especially HD and downloading. 50 bucks isn't much considering the amount of entertainment I've gotten out of this website (I spent like 50 bucks every 2 weeks on cigarettes alone before I quit) and I like to support creators of great content. 

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 It's an impressive language parsing feat, but, like most Computer Science AI stuff, it probably wouldn't be so impressive if you knew how it worked. AI is like a magic trick in that way; its about making it seem like real intelligence. 
People can't out run cars, wrestle a bulldozer or dig faster than a steam shovel -- but there's nothing meaningful or philosophical about that. That's how I feel about AI. 

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@JJWeatherman said:
" The grammys are like her Halloween. "
Every day is Halloween if you're Lady Gaga.
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Internet people who bark about stuff like that need to spend less time on the internet and more time in real life to get some perspective. 

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Lost Levels was too hard to hold my interest. 
If your talking about the SMB 2 released in the US, I loved it, especially when I was younger. The world seemed more exotic and I liked the gameplay more. I only played the SNES All-Stars version, and I was fairly young. 

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Wow, this is a really entertaining, logical, well thought out blog entry. But maybe I just think that because I agree with just about everything you wrote. 
I think popularity in certain circles can have a lot to do with quality. For example, if a game is popular on GiantBomb (e.g. Recettear), I have lot more faith in that then if a game is just popular with the general public.