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I've had exceptionally good luck with Sony earbuds as well.

Not with other Sony products so much.

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With the exception of maybe one or two people, I wouldn't consider anyone here my friend.

However, on another, smaller, political debate forum I used to spend huge amounts of time on discussing deep issues -- I'd consider those people really good friends. Really good friends, because you can't really talk about a lot of that stuff in real life.

EDIT: I'm sure people who spend lots of time have that connection with other people here. But I, personally, don't spend that much time here.

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Kelvin. All the time.

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The only halloween candy I have strong negative feelings about are popcorn balls. Popcorn balls are lame.

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True, there are *other* ways to emphasize words.

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I like Breaking Bad... I watch every episode, but it's almost too intense for me.

Parks and Rec is a little more at my speed. Life is stressful enough without having to watching another person's life go to hell.

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I'm hoping the whole cast gets eaten and replaced with characters portrayed by actors who can act.

EDIT: Or maybe all the characters can be badly injured and forced to undergo reconstructive surgery... after which the cast would be fired and replaced with more convincing actors.

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I think the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text based adventure is legally free. That game is really funny -- written by Douglas Adams himself, although you'll need a FAQ to get through it.

As far the more legally ambiguous abandonware is concerned (really old games nobody cares about; which what people are normally talking about when they say abandonware), I'd check out the original Lemmings, Wolf (or Lion), Commander Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit.

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This is a song that I heard that really resonates with me:


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HTC Eris.

It's the slowest phone in the history of slow phones. I can hardly make calls on it anymore... but at least it's android.