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Probably Illinois by Sufjan.

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I never had a clear idea of who I wanted to be when I was younger... but I never would have guessed I would have turned out like this.

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Dirty Projectors and Rebecca Black.

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I love traveling. I love Europe.

But having lived near NYC for most of my life... I can say there's no place else I'd rather be.

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I've been following St. Vincent since I heard "Jesus Saves, I Spend" on All Songs Considered several years ago... I was somewhat taken aback by the tone of this album as well, but it seemed more like the logical next step to me. After Marry Me, Actor was also step in the more dissonant, angry direction.

Personally, I don't have much of a taste for angry, dissonant music, so Marry Me will probably remain my favorite of her albums. I haven't spent too much time with this one yet, so my opinion is subject to change.

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I follow politics fairly closely... I probably spend more time reading/listening-to-podcasts-about political stuff than video game stuff.

However, I wouldn't call myself a "stanch supporter of the political system" either. Democracy in general is great, but things like lobbyists and party-politics make our system pretty imperfect.

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I don't like facebook, but I'm addicted. I'm very curious about people... so like... its interesting in an anthropological sort of way.

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Everyone's already using Facebook... and there's no real compelling reason to switch over.

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Huntsman is the only Republican who doesn't strike me as completely insane. But even in the unlikely event he wins the nomination I'd probably still vote for Obama as the lesser of two evils.

My instinct would be to believe that if Perry beats Romney for the nomination then Obama's chances of winning in 2012 would be pretty good... but I'm from NYC/Connecticut, so my perception of the electorate may be slightly skewed.

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There's something about the melody of Single Ladies that really bothers me. It doesn't resolve in places you'd want it to... or something.