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Thanks for everything Patrick, you will be missed.

Look forward to seeing what you end up doing next!

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I talk to people on the phone that are experiencing financial hardship.

This can range from people going through a divorce, unemployment, terminal illness, permanent disability, gambling addiction, mental illness, lengthy legal battle, substance abuse problem, being effected by a natural disasters and plenty of other cheery scenarios.

Some days it's incredibly rewarding, but other days it's a complete emotional drainer.

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Sorry for your loss Jeff, stay strong duder.

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Virtues Last Reward.

Most of the time you'll be alternating between confusion and anger (or a mixture of the two) but there is one ending that just about had me bawling.

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Find a recipe for soup that you really like.

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Dwarf Fortress.

I've never actually played it, but i've heard it's crazy deep and takes forever to learn.

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Sounds like you were doing the right thing there duder.

I've never been in a proper punch up, pretty sure i'd go down like a sack of potatoes - the only fighting technique I learned in all my years as a younger brother was 'try to grab their head and slam it into the corner of something'.

I don't believe that technique works when you're not in a house and your opponent is over ten years old.

Fortunately bar fights are a rare occurrence in my part of town.

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Oh yes, please.

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Get out quick man, I hear the owner of that company is some kind of asshole

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Bummer, but considering how busy (and expensive) Troy Baker must be getting at this point it's understandable.

Here's hoping the replacement does a good job.