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The timing of this is wrong. You should drop this right before episode 3 releases, not a week after the episode you are recapping comes out.

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@Keenblaze: That fail fridays ad is the one I couldn't remember. That thing was frickin awful.
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@sagesebas: When did i ever say I wanted them to remove ads?  
Reading Comprehension is your friend.
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@sagesebas said:
@cobble75: blow it out your ass
How rude 
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Subscribtions seem to help get rid of the ad, try that. Not that it worked for me, I never saw any ads to begin with

I am not talking about getting rid of ads. Just the style of them. This post has nothing to do with signing up for a subscription or even being uspet about the ads in the first place. If I wasn't clear about that I apologize. 
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I didn't mean to imply that I couldn't live with it. Its not even really a problem. I guess my original tone was not what I was trying to say. Really it was more being objective on how the style of ads on the site has really changed lately. I know one of them, I think it was an insurance company ad, was in the way on the left hand side. I know I was trying to navigate around the page and i kept mousing over it long enough to play the video and pausing what I was watching. It just got me thinking about how the ad tech has changed and how I really preferred it the older way when were I had to make a decision to follow on something i found interesting instead of being so "Interactive" 

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It has nothing to do with ad blocking. More of a decision in Ad design.  
bah forget it.

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Does anyone else agree? Border ads are fine. But these interactive ones that Pop up and talk to me and...... yuk yuk yuk. 
I have nothing against advertisement, but these last few have been extremely annoying.

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Welcome :)
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Looks kinda interesting, I really dislike the wii though
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Is there a GB guild?