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To this day I have yet to meet a single person who has played Melee that has found it "too difficult". Most of my friends are actually casual players of the series, and although they move on happily from sequel to sequel because of new characters and features, every single one of them says movement in Melee has felt the most comfortable and precise. None of them utilize any advanced techniques, in fact, most of them don't even know about them.

Sakurai's stubbornness to give the game the physics and movement it deserves is a total mystery. If it's all designed for casual players, then why don't they just ask them about it? The general gamer that will play the game is not unreachable, but Sakurai sure seems to be.

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Most of you who are unsure about this game would do good to wait indeed. Too many games have been claiming to be the mmo but have delivered us the run-of-the-mill mmo experience with a few "unique" things sprinkled on top.

Here are some of my opinions about some of the features that they've presented to us so far:

Dodging and aiming will only be good if the creatures are challenging enough. I want to be able to say I defeated x or y boss or creature because I was a good player, not because I had the level and abilities needed.

CC seems excellent! Along with dodging and aiming it will make combat very entertaining.

Area hazards, low gravity, secret rooms, etc: I often feel that some of the most exciting battles I've had in many videogame have taken place in dangerous or weird situations in which the area has had traps, lasers, lava, or weird physics. Although the videos show off the low gravity crystals, pollen that makes you float, lasers, and other such things, they haven't really shown combat under these circumstances. I would think it would be crazy not to put the two together.

Paths look amazing, probably the most appealing thing to me. I'm hoping that secret rooms found by the Explorer and Scientist aren't too obvious. It would be a real bummer if it's just something like you having access to this room only because you can activate this machine for being a Scientist. It should have some sort of puzzle.

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Twitch streams have always been about gaming-related things only. You can still do talk shows, but playing "doctor" doesn't count. ;D

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I don't know what you've seen or heard of this MMO, but if you take a look at these videos you'll know what I'm talking about:

(Start from the bottom right to follow the order that they've been releasing them)

A lot of the things being added to this MMORPG are things that these type of game has been needing desperately for a long long time. It might not have everything we want (yet!), but it's a damn good step in the right direction.

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It looks extremely good compared to the business as usual we keep getting from Dynasty Warriors recently, but it looks like they sacrificed the number of playable characters to make it good in all the other areas. What really has me confused though is that they did put in some cool villains and even allies, and they have all their own neat combos and specials and whatnot, but they didn't make them playable for some reason. I'm pretty sure that with all the attacks and whatnot already programmed in the game it wouldn't have been too hard to make them playable.

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I want some 5 hour lunch breaks. : (

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Re: Your Brains is by Jonathan Coulton, the one who wrote Still Alive for Portal.
He's also the one who made the theme song for the TV program Code Monkeys.
Oh, and he had done Re: Your Brains way before the first Left 4 Dead was out.