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From all the articles I've read on this, it's suppose to be business as usual on all projects from Lucasfilms and LucasArts...I see this just like the MARVEL take over. Disney is just looking to make bank $_$, which they will...Get some better writers, actors and director and Episode VII could be a return to form for Star Wars

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Well in all fairness when Disney bought out MARVEL a while ago nothing really changed on the MARVEL front, it was and still is business as usually from them. Going by that Disney seems pretty smart in not sticking their nose in the creative jar. They didn't do it with MARVEL, so I doubt they'll do it with Star Wars. The best thing about this is that we get a NEW director to helm the future of the films and craft what Lucas and co have laid out. Lets face it George as a director is not very good at all. He much like Speilberg is a fantastic story teller, but were they differ is directing skills. Again I use Empire Strikes Back as an example of just how badass a Star Wars movie can be when not being held back by Lucas.

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I think this the best news to happen to Star Wars in 20yrs! The franchise was seriously going nowhere with Lucas under control. I can see Disney breathing new life into this franchise much like Paramount did with Star Trek and handing the keys over to JJ Abrams to bring that franchise back from the dead...Tho I'd never thought I live to see the day when George would let go or actually SELL off his baby. The best Star Wars movie Empire Strikes Back (imo) was not directed by him, so it just goes to show how great it can be when someone more talented with better vision is at the directorial helm. I'm very intrigued with getting new Star Wars material w/o George sufficating it to death.

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This kinda sucks but with all the changes and people jumping ship, I could see this coming a mile away

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Baroness: Yellow & Green...NAS: Life is good....Jack White: Blunderbuss...Silversun Pickups: Neck of the Woods...Kanye West: Cruel Summer...The Ting Tings: Sounds from Nowheresville....Just a few records I've personally enjoyed so far....EDITED: Oh and Van Halen's: A Different Kind of Truth. It's suprisingly really good, and WAAYYY better than I expected.

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Does anyone have or know of where I can get a list of new PS3 games, that can provide the new software/encryption update to the PS3?

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Everything I see of this game just keeps getting better and better!

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Ugh, just over a month away....Nov 6th is taking it's sweet time getting here

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That was an I...N...T...Plain and simple. Sucks for Packer fans. I weap for the playoffs and Superbowl if they keep these jackhole refs. This truly is rock-bottom for officiating.

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Im most surprised by the graphics for this installment. I didn't think they could push more out of the 360 and truth be told I really didnt think we'd see the Master Chief again until the next gen XBOX. This game looks incredible! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

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