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I want to send a shout out to the person who posted a bunch of signs at the main building entrance, as the place in Metrotech center was a little confusing!

I was surprised to see the word Duders in real life. Good times.

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Can't wait for this!'s time to treat UPF as a real CBS show and add spinoffs.Unprofessional Fridays: New York

A whole day of unprofessionalism through the time zones.

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@razielcuts said:
A schedule, for the Bombcast?! What the fudge is this mess I see

I almost don't believe it. It says 1:30PM, and I'm in the Eastern timezone.


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I'm in! Large please

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Nice job Duder!

This video makes me want to check out this con in 2015.

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@max_cherry You say, "like your father."

I can assume the doctor acknowledged that your cholesterol cannot be further lowered through diet and exercise? If that is the case, you will end up on a daily pill.

I am on one pill to take care of both my high triglycerides and cholesterol.

When I had my first elevated blood test results, I asked the doctor to give me time to adjust my diet and exercise, as i was not doing at the time. Four months later, the cholesterol went down a little but was still way too high, the triglycerides went up. The doctor recommended starting the pill immediately as diet and exercise was not enough.

Do elaborate.

If you want to exercise, I would recommend T25. It's an easy program and doesn't take much time to squeeze in a schedule. I work all day and take MBA classes at night and squeeze in the workout. You will be soaked by the end of the 25 minutes.

For dieting, you can definitely find articles online tackling that, such as reducing red meat, eat more fish, etc. In addition, meals that you might not have considered before.

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Thanks for posting @wrecks.

Interesting interview, his discussion on the VGX and the concert was great and definitely makes sense for someone that has the opportunity to do the show.

I was baffled at what took place at the VGX and not as informed into into the inside story of every facet of Keighley, so this was good to hear some of his other work. Also Kevin Pereira making fun of him about doritos every 5 minutes and discussing that issue at the beginning was great.

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Gamertag: code3

Timezone: EST

Games: Battlefield 4, FM 5, Powerstar Golf, Need for Speed and KI

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Only one: Burnout Revenge for original Xbox and then Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360.

...and yes, I took my 360 memory card to a store demo unit to get exclusive cars. Those were the days....

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