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Hey Everyone, i added a list of online names up to this posting. Have fun everyone!

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Thank @unndunn !

Hey @pants i went there a few days ago and the table is in great shape. There are at least 7 tables in the laundromat. Have fun and enjoy the look on the people's faces who are there solely to clean their clothes.

Pic from Wed:

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Hey @pants , I'll try to make it over there this week and follow up.

Hey @unndunn have you visited this place?

Black Knight 2000 is the one table i would love to play in real life. My experience with it in the pinball arcade had me on the lookout for a real table.

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You can use google flights to get an idea of where your budget can take you. Input your origin and dates and the map will update. Have fun!

Also, where are you and what are your travel limits?

In addition, your state/province tourism board has plenty of local destinations that you might not have thought of...and it's local to you!

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UPDATE: Below is the latest list of online names as of Apr, I added a Nintendo List for those on 3DS/WiiU Here is an image:

Hey everyone, after learning that @jeff recieved a copy from a fan, who else here are PPT fans or own a copy? Post your online name below and maybe we can get a tournament going?

Stop laughing Pac Man, I'm not a crazy person...

It's region free on disc and only available digitally on the Japanese PSN and XBONE stores.

My gamertag: code3 on PSN: code3xbl

The highlight would be the swap mode, where your game of puyo puyo or tetris swaps every 25 or so seconds.

If you end up with the game and do not like guessing through Japanese menus here are translated pictures of the menus for your entertainment (or for a quick look) Pictures! Yay!

Loading Video...

@recspec , I was about to send a copy until i caught up on videos and saw you sent him a copy. Amazing.

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I would like to request an alias for Puyo Puyo Tetris The alias should be: ぷよぷよ™テトリス®

This is based on a post from ZombiePie's from 3 years ago here:

Basically, point #4 - "If there is not an English translation via the publisher then go with a Romanized title and have the Kanji name as an alias." Puyo Puyo Tetris is the romanized title.

The Japanese title is what is displayed from Twitch streaming by default from the consoles, in addition, this title shows up in achievements/trophy displays on PSN/XBL. Example here

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Now that Pax South is around 50 days away, lets give this thread a bump. Who else is going?

I'm arriving early Thursday morning so I'm up for any meetups.

I will be enforcing and can't wait to see the looks on the faces of first time Pax attendees.

Fun Fact: @jeff will be there!

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In the words of Dave Lang: Wowowowowowowow!

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Mirror's Edge seems like a good candidate.

For some reason, it's sold out at Amazon but available here:

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And 3 day passes are out, according to the pax twitter account.