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@AhmadMetallic: Try the client which is free. If you want the console it's $100 at but be smart and get it for free through one of their specials.

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Well it is good to see at the comments going on here and able to see what you guys think about OnLive, but just to make it clear, I am NOT part of OnLive's staff and that includes public relations. It is true that I am a game developer and I am dealing with OnLive but when I am on here and posting on the forum I come a fellow gamer and nothing more. With that said a couple extra pointers for those who tried out OnLive:

  • OnLive have some epic deals on the marketplace on a by-weekly basis. I'm not just talking about 30% off on a game I'm talking about buy one get one free or a selected title being $5 every Friday.
  • Also as someone already noted, FPS are on the short list within their catalogue but that is being fixed over time.
  • Furthermore, seeing that OnLive is just one years old as a game console its progress is effect by how many gamers are using it. So the more people on there the better the service becomes and the more games end up on there.
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@wolf_blitzer85 @kud12001 @Afroman269: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean but having been using it since alpha stage I can see the technology getting better. Recently the bandwidth requirements were lowered to just 2.5 Mbps compared to its initial requirement which was 20Mbps. So with that said, yeah that hiccups it has can be annoying but it is very impressive what it has accomplished in just a year.
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@Ahmad_Metallic: OnLive is a cloud gaming platform which means that all  the games are synchronized, rendered, and stored on remote servers and delivered via the Internet. So think of it as the Netflix of video games. If you are interested you can try it now for free and demo all the games they have on there for free.
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If so then add your gamertag below and I will add you. While your at it why not share with everyone what you love and hate the most about the OnLive service or what games you are currently gaming. Have fun and I'll see you around.  
PS: Would you be interested if I posted all there is to know about OnLive? (ie. news, update, release, etc.)
OnLive Gamertag: code000monkey 

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Before dropping out MIT I was majoring in Computer Science. Currently a game developer with my own company in NYC.

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My name is Antoine...I'm not an alcoholic. But I am a game developer from New York City. Other than video games I like to read, watch films and long walks on the beach. Currently as I am enjoying what OnLive has to offer and a book called Level 26. Other than that I do get some journalistic blogging done here all while trying to bring good games into your homes. So that's about how about some waffles? I'm hungry. :D

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Interesting. Alright guys well thanks for the heads up and for filling me in. I'll try on finding out from Vinny or Drew and report back to share my findings. Song is still stuck in my head though. lol

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At the end of today's, April 1st, Happy Hour there was a song played during the Tested bit and at the end of the show in which they also show Norm doing some "delicate" work on a carrot. So yeah, all the help would be appreciated seeing that song is now stuck in my head.

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@Outrager: Just think about the main concept being talked about in this quest set.
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