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I know nothing about it, but know that I want everything about it.

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I saw someone say "Facebook bought Oculus!" in a Twitch chat, and I didn't believe them.

This makes no sense to me. Why would a primarily mobile/web based company want VR tech?

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@darkstalker said:

Now I know how the uk feels for most other releases....give me a date dammit

Yep. I'd be all over this, get it in the US!

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@chaser324: Pretty sure it is (and always will be) a poor matchmaking pool; most everyone's playing the campaign all the way through with the same 12 people. It makes me wonder how people will complete the campaign if they buy the game a month after release, as you never have to play the campaign again once you complete it (even after Regenerating/Prestige).

Servers seem to be fine now. It looked like there initially was a big issue with how the first tier of the cloud (load balancing a player to a Private Lobby server) operated under load- each server appeared to only be able to have a fixed amount of connections open at once (a quick look at the attempted connections from my machine revealed this), and it looked like they weren't spinning up more servers appropriately, making pure luck a requirement to connect for the first couple hours. However, Respawn/MS quickly fixed it, and everything was perfect when I was playing earlier.

Given that the first-tier servers were only going to get hammered that hard within the first couple hours of release (and stopped getting hammered once people started playing), and I still was able to play within 3 minutes of launching the game at midnight (3 minutes of me hitting enter over and over, though), I'd say the launch was pretty successful.

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Yikes, that sounds sketchy as hell. Respawn's said they won't ban legit copies from playing early, but that sort of workaround sounds likely to be flagged as illegitimate.

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@extomar said:

I like the bundle but doesn't mean "screw you" to early adopters? They should give a digital copy to all registered owners before the release.

I didn't think about this when I first saw the bundle, but yeah, it kinda does seem like it. Especially if you didn't really buy anything at launch.

They can't realistically give a digital copy to all current XBone owners, though. Microsoft's banking on this game making them a bunch of money, as evidenced by the Microsoft seemingly pushing Titanfall ads wherever they can and branding their logo over any Titanfall marketing, not to mention how EA would feel about giving away copies.

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@fattony12000: I was gonna post the same thing, but with a UT logo instead. There were a bunch of really good arena shooters back in the day, and nothing has quite scratched that itch in a long time for me (except Titanfall, which I think is the closest a AAA game has gotten to the old UT/Quake feel in a LONG time- it's still not there, though).

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@wmwa: Keep in mind the GT 755M and 740M don't actually run games very well at all- the 755M and 760M are about on par with a Radeon HD 5770, and the 740M is as good as the very dated GeForce 9800 GTX. The 755M card will serve you for basic gaming purposes, though.

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The only rare cards I haven't seen mentioned here that I've run into are Maphack (permanent Minimap vision, I'm sitting on 3 of these), Permanent Radar Pulse/Stim/Etc, and Spectre Camo (I think there's a Grunt one too?). I've gotten pretty much every single one mentioned here at least once EXCEPT the Strider card (I've gotten like 6 or so Atlas cards though), and I've played for about 18 hours.

I'm pretty sure a card counts as "rare" if the name of the card and the icon are slightly holographic looking.

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Oh, Hidden Path's on this too? This might totally work out.