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I wasn't really interested in Unity anyway, but I'm definitely not buying the PC version. Nor would I anyways, given that Ubisoft doesn't really care about PC's anyways. Their PC ports are usually horribly done. Also, given the fact that they are not fully utilizing the PS4 hardware, I might not buy it at all. I have plenty of games to play, and I'll just wait until the PS4 version is 20$ or 30$, used, on Ebay.

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This is wonderful to see, but at the same time, also sad. On one hand, it will improve the east side content, on the other, no more (well, rarely) Vinny in the SF studio. So now Unprofessional Fridays, and quick looks from SF, will rarely feature Vinny. I'll miss Vinny interacting locally with the SF crew, greatly. Always sad to see the crew having to split, but I totally understand the realities of it. It's a 50 / 50 split of greatness and sadness, for me.

Good luck Vinny! Can't wait to see the madness.

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The Last of Us

The combat could of used some fine tuning. More variety, more enemy types.

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All Gone (No Escape) is one of the most incredible pieces of music I've heard in ages. It's a brilliant score that perfectly reflects the world it lives in.

I agree, I love that track so much. From 1:30 to the rest. Hell, the whole thing, really.

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@yummylee: This is true, but that applies to most games. I think there are a few that, sometimes, can be played outside of the game.

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@notdavid said:

Bill being gay never occurred to me, but now that you mention it, it makes his story tragic as fuck.

It was tragic before, but only more so now. Guess I didn't notice.

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I'm in love with Gustavo Santaolalla's amazing soundtrack to The Last of Us. Such a wonderful mix of atmospheric songs, blending perfectly with the game. There's a lot to love about the sound. Like the guitar notes in "Home" (my favorite), to the deject strings and tone of "All Gone (Aftermath)".

My favorites

  1. Home
  2. All Gone(No Escape)
  3. The Choice
  4. The Hour
  5. Smugglers
  6. Vanishing Grace (Childhood)
  7. All Gone (Aftermath)
  8. Vanishing Grace
  9. The Last of US
  10. All Gone (The Outside)

Do you have any favorites?

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This was nice and informative. Thanks Patrick!

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I... I'm am speechless. A great and happy wedding one week, and the next week....