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I personally wouldn't do it. Off the top of my head I think the biggest issue you could face is rhabdomyolysis, and I don't think you want dialysis.

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Have you looked into Ting for your wireless plan? It runs on sprint, so the service is pretty good depending on where you use it. I got my parents into it and they seem to like it.

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I am 6'4" if the person in front of me leans back my legs just do not fit and I have to spread them out which makes the people next to me uncomfortable too. One person leaning back ends up making at least 2 people uncomfortable, so that makes them an asshole.

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I'm still unsure if I will be buying a console this generation, but if the next Xbox is "always online" I would only consider buying the PS4.

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Oh boy have they ever:

  • Dark Souls - Vinny talking about it on the podcast sold me and lead to being my favorite game of the generation
  • Mark of the Ninja
  • Spec Ops The Line
  • Bastion
  • Rayman Origins
  • Syndicate
  • Binary Domain
  • Darksiders
  • Last but not least Saints Row the Third.
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I was 100% for kiling Larry, and I'm glad I did. In ep1 he punches you in the face and tries to leave you behind to die. If someone did that to me, and his life was later in my hands... ya he is gonna die.

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I used to buy a lot of bad games for the N64 becaue I was 8 and didn't know better. However, since then I tend to make better choices. The 2 games that come to mind are Brute force for the Xbox and Red Steel for the Wii.

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As a Penn State alum I feel a lot of us were waiting for proof that he really was a part of the cover up. Many of us hoped that he really wasn't that awful of a person, and that maybe he wasn't involved. However, now we know that isn't true and I think 95% of us will not stick up for him anymore. There are crazies in every group and I think the 5% who will support him forever are going to give the rest of us a bad name. I mean even Sandusky still has some supporters, but those people are his close friends who knew him for years.

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Sure did got my BS in Biochemistry, and I am now in medical school. It is certainly a lot of schooling.

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When I first got Dark Souls I really had no idea what I was doing, so my character was a mess. I eventually got stuck in Blighttown unable to beat quelaag. My stats were all over the place I started as a Wanderer, and was up to soul level 42. I had focused a lot on strength so I could use the Black Knights Greatsword. However, none of my other stats were geared to a character to use a weapon that heavy and slow. I had terrible endurance and vitality ( I really had no idea what i was doing). I also fell into the Drake Sword trap and was not very good at the combat because of that. After attempting 50+ times to kill quelaag and failing miserably each time I decided to start a new character. This time I actually paid attention to what I was doing. I pumped a decent amount of souls into Dex, and a lot into Vit. and End. I also avoided the Drake sword, and so far the game is much more enjoyable. I really like being a fast character who can just roll around and back stab everything. I haven't even set foot into blighttown yet, and I'm already level 42 because I just don't die as often as I used to.