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@Wes899 said:
" I've actually had success from throwing down a pylon on the corner of the enemy base. If they're dumb, they won't find it and you can warp guys in. Fun stuff. "  
The proxy pylon warp is tons of fun, if you can get it past them. In most lower leagues, the player will not fully scout their own base, allowing the possibility of doing this. Definitely worth a shot for an early win.
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I definitely agree with the above posts. Chrono Boost + research = win. Well, Chrono Boost + anything boostable = win. Definitely helps get those drones out quick in the beginning. But yeah, I had trouble deciding on a race. I've been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials (Force Strategy is a good one, as they have quite a few Protoss tutorials) and played a ton of games against the AI. Onc I was winning fairly consistently there, I went in to playing against humans....and got raped. After watching some of my replays, I have been modifying my strategies. I actually got the achievement for 3 in a row wins last night, so I feel that I am improving. Just get out there, play, and have fun with it. Remember it's just a agme. If you get frustrated, just walk away for a little while, play SP, or get Borderlands on Steam and shoot shit :)

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I was excited...until I read the article. :(

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I currently use VB.Net with some SQL for fun in my profession. I like toying around with it, but I generally don't have enough time to code for fun.

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I'm right there with you guy. I love the game, I just hate getting pummeled continuously. I think that once I finish my placement matches it will be more fun, but for now I just get rolled over no matter if I tech or rush. Of course, like everyone says, practice will help. Watch some YouTube videos/replays if you want to and you can see other players' tactics. Those alone have helped me a ton. Anyway, good luck, and have fun with it above all else - it is, after all, just a game.

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Ahhh, awesome. I agree, Oblivion and FO3 definitely needed more varied voice acting.

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Wow, the last two are digging lol. I'd think that black and silver, or maybe even black and red, those sound pretty fantastic.

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I think you can only get to level 10 as well, maybe 20.

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$99 doesn't sound too bad for this. Do want.