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I'm a fan of 4 as well, although I didn't play any prior to that. DW: Gundam is also a ton of fun too.

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3 dollar menu chesseburgers and a soda = win  
or arby's 5 for $5 I miss that deal
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No you're right. Which is why it was extremely disappointing.
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I found the final bosses of Bioshock 1 & 2 to be rather dissapointing
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HoN really is an exciting, challenging game. Once you get past the community ( I recommend staying in the No Stat games for awhile as they are a lot more laid back) the game really opens up to a great multiplayer experience. I haven't gotten around to trying LoL yet but I hear its a lot more relaxed. I already payed for HoN so I'm gonna stick with that anyway.

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Borderlands will ruin friendships if you play with the wrong people, so much looting. Single player was still good for me, but I was never really motivated to buy the expansions. I would recommend it though

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Yeah, going to RIT's Game Design and Development program right now. The program is challenging and requires three quarters/summers worth of internship/work with a company in the field in order to graduate. As far as I know people from the program have been employed at Valve. Microsoft Studios, Volition, Vicarious, and EA. 

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You know, they probably payed some brilliant marketing designer $10,000 to come up with those logos...

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@RoujinX said:
" 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand "
I'm pretty upset about that too
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$2.50 but yeah thats ridiculously low haha