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Hello Duders

In about a half hour I'll be kicking off a live stream game night dedicated to the memory of Ryan Davis. The man was a very influential part of my life and I've been setting this up as part of the recovery process. The night has come and I've decided to go through with it all the way to close the chapter so to speak. So in about a half hour (5PM ET) we'll be kicking off a stream dedicated to an amazing guy who will surely be missed in all our lives. If you want to see some people playing games, having a good time, and celebrating the storied career of an terrific man be sure to tune in.

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I think it's more the singing that helps me but I usually find myself playing Rockband when something happens in my life. They say music and singing is therapeutic and I guess when it comes to me that is true.

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@pollysmps: Thanks to you I will now be purchasing two fruit hats.

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Too Bad the black model will be more expensive secondary model. I found it to be much more appealing to the eye and had my fingers crossed for it to become the main.

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Every couple years I go back through my Sherlock Holmes collection. My dad got me a couple books when I was young (I was already enjoying those mystery novels that have you try to solve a case) and I've enjoyed them ever since.

Every once in a while I open up Deadhouse Gates again. The Malazan Book of the Fallen series is forever going to remain a favorite of mine.