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@rorie: Is now tomorrow enough to ask about material? :)

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@rorie What material are the shirts made of?

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Very happy to hear this!

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It's up now and it's almost 4 hours :o

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Just downloaded the app now to my new tablet and it's pretty great. For the mark as watched button would it be possible to make it so that hitting it again will unmark the video as watched? I marked a video as watched before I knew what the button did and now I don't know how to get it back to the unwatched state.

Thanks for your work on the app!

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Could anyone find the one at the beginning of Unprofessional Fridays 10/18/2013 (i.e. the latest one as of this post)? travellinman in the comments under the episode correctly seems to have called out Guranna Project - Dancefloor Feelings but I've looked for all remixes of that song and they don't seem to fit so I'm thinking it might be a mashup of Dancefloor Feelings and some other track possibly.

Edit: Ha, I answered my own question just now and found it on audionetwork: Dance Machine

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A friend I never met. I miss him.