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I'd buy a deck!

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A surprise redesign!  I like it.  Very nice.

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Awesome, thanks for your input everyone :o)

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@weeman105: Thanks for the great questions - truthfully I hadn't put much thought into purchasing a new PC until a couple of nights ago when my laptop started acting up a bit.  "Civ 5, Dragon Age: Origins, & Portal 2" are the games he's playing now & he'd like to play them on the highest settings without having to worry about it while still being economical (concerning the budget).  I only run Photoshop CS3 but I shoot in RAW so I convert the files then process the photos, usually while listening to Pandora & browsing the web to break any monotony.  Burning the files to a DVD, uploading them, etc.  That's about as demanding as my needs get - our PC can handle that fairly well right now.

As far as a budget, having not built a PC of my own before (which I am definitely interested in & more than willing to do) or invested much into an already manufactured one, I don't really know what a good "goal" is - is is possible to build a machine that can do all of the above for say, $500?  Or is closer to a grand a more realistic figure?  We don't really have a budget for it right now because I was leaning toward building my own (which I guess I didn't realize but I don't want to just buy another desktop at this point, because we'll always have to upgrade something anyway) and I previously had no clue what to look for and how much it might be.

@xhavoc86: Thanks for the tip, but we already have an Xbox 360 :o)

@Barrock: Nice list - I'd need more RAM though for sure.  Maybe my guess of a grand wasn't too far off - thanks!

@Beaudacious: Just opened up the case to check, it is the 5750.  In the most economical sense you're right.  I know the desktop isn't about to die, and if we waited it out we'll have more money & technology to work with.  Ultimately it gets the job done, but the job can be done better, so that's why we're thinking about it now.  Also I'll look into that 2TB hard drive - sounds like a great one!  Thank you.  Also, I knew better than to settle for just 4 GB of RAM ;)  Oh & why stay away from Seagate?  Just curious, because I thought they were a better brand.

@CrimsonNoir: Thanks for your input - I certainly don't mind waiting a bit - it isn't a dire need that we have a new computer right now.  newegg seems to be the go-to for everyone.  I've never ordered from there before; how often might they do sales?  Budget is tentative, though I'm hard pressed to justify spending more than a grand unless it's really worth it.

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@SlickWillyJJ:  I may not know a lot about upgrading PCs, but I'm fully aware of what a gigabyte is ;)  It sounds like you really know how to make the best use out of what you have.

@HitmanAgent47:   I  just wanted to make sure I understood correctly :o) That's the most affordable and practical route for us right now it seems - as far as overclocking (which, in the interest of full disclosure, I had to look up because I didn't know precisely what it was) goes, it seems to me that if you aren't very careful you could burn out your processor.  If I'm gonna have to replace it sooner (or immediately if it fails) then why not just upgrade in the first place?  I'm sure it's got immediate cost benefits & if you're diligent about cooling it could last longer.  Don't know much about it otherwise. 

Concerning external drives, I actually have one (a WD 1TB) I inherited from a friend and my only complaint is that it takes a long time to move a lot of files (although if I used it on a daily basis, I would only be moving a few files back & forth at a time), and I'm scared of keeping all of our files solely on an external drive.  For some reason, I don't feel like they're as "safe" as they are on the internal drive, although I could be completely wrong; it may not even matter.

I read the tested article (will watch the video soon) - it said that a copy of Windows 7 was $100.  That seems pretty dang cheap, do you know if that's supposed to be the upgrade price? And with no serious complaints about our current PC (just slight annoyances at the moment) I'm hard pressed to even say spending a grand is worth it right now unless something goes wrong, ya know?  Justifying spending a lot of money on this is becoming a bit more challenging, although my husband has been talking about upgrading for a few months now.  Maybe it's just time.  Thanks again, you're awesome.

PS. Sorry everything is bold.  I can't make that go away for some reason after editing this comment.
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@Contro: Wow. I have a lot to learn, but I'm definitely willing.  A couple of friends have encouraged me to build my own, too, and I found out that a neighbor of mine has some knowledge & know-how as well.  Part of our concern with building our own is the expense, although I looked up the case you have and it's more affordable than he thought some cases would be.  Thanks a lot!!

@HitmanAgent47: Whoops, guess I should have included what I've got now.  It's just an HP desktop that runs Windows Vista (model a6755y), 500 GB hard drive, 6 GB RAM, AMD 9550 Quad Core Processor 2.20 GHz - I added a new power supply & graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5700 series with 1 GB dedicated RAM).   You said we shouldn't run on a graphics card that has dedicated memory?  You prefer integrated?  Also, I guess I hadn't thought about adding a new internal hard drive, which is probably a good short-term fix, but I'll admit... I'd like to have new(er) components & software.

@yorro: I didn't realize there was a PC forum - didn't even think to look for one!  I'm kinda new here, please forgive me :)      (Although I don't mind just this handful of helpful responses - I'd probably be eaten alive by enthusiasts because I'm not even half as knowledgeable.)

 @cookiesforbreakfast: Thanks for the link to the article - checking it out now!
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@ShaggE said:
Sneak preview of GLaDOS's lines in Portal 3:

"Oh, you're adopted, just like my last test subject! Nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it should be a source of pride! You're special, and I am rooting for you."

"I must say, you are looking wonderful today! We can test if you want, but only if you're up to it."

"This test chamber was going to be lined with turrets, but that's far too dangerous. So I lined it with unicorn murals instead."

Ending song: "You're Adopted (And That's Okay)"
Haha, thanks for the laugh!
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My husband games a lot, I game some, and I also process a ton of photos - all graphics-intensive programs.  Our desktop was a display model when we bought it in '09, & it's served us well.  I upgraded the video card & power supply in our desktop early in '10 & have had no major complaints since - games are OK but we can't play at the highest settings & Photoshop doesn't give me too much grief; however, the hard drive is nearly full (500 GB) of the music, photos, games, etc. that we've accumulated over the past few years and sooner or later, we're going to have to upgrade.

What are some of the things we should look for?  We're trying to keep our expenditures around a grand, less if possible (not including a monitor).  He runs Steam, I run Photoshop/Pandora/Chrome all at once at any given time.  I know a bit about RAM and dedicated graphics cards, but I'm not sure what configuration would best suit our needs of a computer.  Should we just get a basic model & upgrade it in pieces, or purchase a bundle that already has a graphics card billed for gaming?  I'd love for y'all to share any tips/advice/opinions on your PCs or PC buying experiences - thanks!
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My opinion is that we should all use common sense in everything to reduce our amount of energy consumption - not just for the environment, but for our pockets!  

@mfpantst, @styl3s, try not just turning off your consoles etc., but connecting everything to a power strip & unplugging/cutting the power on the power strip when you go to bed.  Your wallets will thank you!

As far as being green in general - well, again we should all respect the environment that we're in, but I don't think it's something we should all obsess over.  Sure, some habits should be changed that have a negative impact on the environment (litterbugs, I'm talking to you) but the "smaller" habits (like leaving everything plugged in, even if it's off) don't seem to have much impact until you tally it all collectively.  Microwaves, toasters, televisions, computers, the A/C - if you unplugged everything in your home when you aren't using it, you would do yourself & the environment a favor.  If you're A-OK with shelling out the extra money to have your electronics & appliances always-on, then good for you, but oftentimes, when you're doing the environment a favor, you're doing yourself a favor, too.

Some have said that recycling is worse for the environment than just land-filling everything - Penn & Teller did an episode of their show Bullsh*t! about recycling - available on DVD on Netflix (Disc 2 of Season 2) or you can try to find it online.  It's interesting - the description for the episode is:

Here's the truth: recycling is garbage. The recycling industry creates pollution, has to be subsidized by the government because it's cost ineffective, and is completely unnecessary. Contrary to popular belief, our landfills are not running out of space — we have enough room to last for thousands of years! So how did the bullshit of recycling get started?

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What he should have done is to have played the game through first before letting his daughter play, and if he didn't like it... then don't let her play it (although I am glad that he was playing through it with her, as time these days is a precious commodity - that he cared enough to play with her and pay attention - he sounds like a great dad). Also, I don't understand how the game was "billed as educational" - I mean, I do understand why he feels the way he feels but, not all puzzle games are meant to be educational.  I don't remember any advertisements claiming the game would be a great learning tool for kids - maybe I missed it?
I understand why he feels that way, but if you look at the big picture... you (Chel the orphan) ultimately win the game, no?  So... why complain when the character is triumphing through such adversity?  Shouldn't that be commended?  He says that they like the rest of the game - well, Wheatly is a moron (stated often in the game) - perhaps he should be offended that someone is essentially being called retarded?  Or maybe he should be offended that the character/player is being called a fatty?  Why not be offended that to Cave, homeless people = guinea pigs?  Where are the people up in arms about Glados' mean spirit in general - I mean, she's trying to murder you!  That's way worse than being taunted by a mentally handicapped robot.

Also, @slightconfuse: The word is 'travesty,' and it's really not that bad.  Yeah, she didn't do her research, but it is what it is.  They're still getting hits, no?

It's just sad that people get offended so easily.  I understand the need for sensitivity in many situations, but it's a video game.  Free speech should rule here - is it nice?  No, but at no point should anyone have ever thought that Portal was going to bequeath you with unicorns and rainbows.
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