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@Hizang said:

Playing through Darksiders because why not.

That's exactly why I played Darksiders too! Also playing Mass Effect 3 to see the end of my Shepard, though I'm finding it difficult to care about what's happening with the story. Dark Souls is also occupying my disc tray. I'm strangely attracted to its sadistic nature and incredible sense of achievement.

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@Claude said:

They had a forty sitting there and teased it all during the show, but in the end...nothing. I felt cheated.

EXACTLY. That six month old bottle of malt goodness deserves to be consumed--preferably by Brad.

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Call of Duty started a gradual decline for me after the first Modern Warfare. Still, Modern Warfare 2 did keep me around for a good 30 hours, despite not being as focused or brilliant as COD4.

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@Willtron said:

To be completely honest, Dark Souls really isn't THAT hard at all. It doesn't hold your hand, but it's still just pattern recognition. As long as you're patient, and you pay attention, it really doesn't become overly-taxing. Like, it ain't Ninja Gaiden hard-as-shit hard. Dark Souls kinda plays like balls. It's deliberate, yes. But the animations are complete shit. And the game is all animation priority. And you recognize that, and it's not that hard of a game. It's clunky. It's deliberately obtuse for no reason. If it wasn't deliberately obtuse, maybe people WOULD give it more attention.

And yeah, as stated, it's a niche game. I don't like hard games for the sake of being hard. I really don't. Maybe I'm getting old, or whatever, but generally I wanna play games for the story. Or if there isn't a story, I don't want murder things because I'm frustrated. I didn't think I'd like Dark Souls, but I do. I realize it is all pattern recognition. It's just grindy, and taxing, but it's rewarding. I'll give it credit for that. But yes, it is incredibly, incredibly niche.

Ninja Gaiden never gave me half as much trouble as Dark Souls has. Probably because, like you said, Dark Souls has incredibly punishing animation priority.

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@OllyOxenFree said:

You're all terrible people.

Come on man, this isn't a time to be negative. We need to stay positive despite Brad's departure.

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I would like to see the words "next generation" go away, just because I got tired of hearing them over and over.

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The text of a review is always the most important thing to look for in a review, but a score is nice to have as a composite of all the ideas and criticisms in the text. I love the Giantbomb five point scale because of the deep differences between each star. I would prefer to see another opinion as well, like Game Informer does. Having a short second opinion in conjunction with the main review can be a nice perspective to see.

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@Rekt_Hed: I felt very proud of myself after that one :D

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@MooseyMcMan said:

The whole concept of waiters/waitresses being paid less on the assumption that they will get tips is dumb, and messed up. And including the tip in the bill isn't the right solution. They should just pay them more.

Also, I never eat out. Literally, I can't remember when the last time was that I ate in a restaurant. So maybe I'm not one to ask.

That either means that you have access to, or are a good cook, or you subsist on tv dinners, junk food, and hot pockets.

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@nintendoeats said:

I think that this is the wrong way to look at it. I have no problem playing a SNES game on an old CRT, because that's what it was designed for. The advantage of HDTVs is that they allow developers to do new things, both visually and mechanically. I spent 2 years trying to play PS3 games on an SDTV and it suuuuuuuuuucked.

Agreed. I couldn't go back to playing my Xbox 360 on a shitty 15" TV like I did five years ago, with the text being so small that it is impossible to read, but I still play my Genesis on one and have a blast. Also, I don't get 3D at all. It just makes my eyes hurt, and I can't imagine playing a shooter like that.