Uninteresting Characters with Interesting Theme Songs

The title basically describes it. This is a list of characters in video games that I find generally uninteresting, that have an awesome theme song. 
Mostly this list will consist of Final Fantasy characters. It seems to be quite a common phenomenon of the series.

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Posted by Mento

Great idea for a list! Sometimes a character's leitmotif does way more to make that character memorable than anything they might happen to say or do in a game.

Can I recommend FFMQ's Tristram? There's not a whole lot more to his character than his theme music.

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Posted by CoffeeBob

Thanks a lot, Mento! I definitely agree, it seems to be a common "problem" in the Final Fantasy series especially.

I appreciate the tip, I'd add in Tristram right away, but he doesn't seem to have a Wiki page. If you (or anyone else reading this list for that matter) have any more tips on characters fitting the list, that'd be great! :)