E3 09: Nintendo & Sony

Nobody cares what other people think about events, and automatically avoid any blogs that directly title them. Phew, saved myself 30 minutes from writing something nobody'll read xD

Have a dog doing exercises. I want to see this in Rhythm Tengoku 3.


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E3 09: Microsoft Conference

I was very impressed with Natal, if it actually works. There's no getting away from the 'giving birth' connotation of 'natal' though, no matter what faux accent you put on it.

I heard that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were on stage at the beginning, and later I actually saw Steven Spielberg. It's so sad that the most famous band in the world and most famous director in the world are now pimping videogames. :(

All those movie, music and social network integrations looked very neat, Sony needs to really pull their socks up, they can't beat that, they now won't be able to get an enthusiastic whoop even if they reveal that they're going to match what Microsoft did before with a Party system, which I can't believe they still don't have. This makes Home look even more unnecessary.

However, the games looked like boring rehashes and were just about all sequels. I'll take any excuse for a new Metroid rip-off though, Shadow Complex looks nummy.
Halo ODST, does it sound like they're saying 'Odious' to anyone else? Odious Tea. That tea is odious, madam, it tastes like dishwater. Well it sure looks it, that was the most FPS-ass FPS footage I've ever seen.
Joy Ride, some said OMG Mario Kart Wii made lots of money and it has big ramps that you spin through the air on, let's do that. Alan Wake looks kind of interesting, if only to be pleasantly suprised if it's not another Silent Hill clone. 'Alan? Alice! Alan! Alice? Mary!! James! Mary? Sheva! Chris? Chris! Sheva! Louie! Snaaaaake!'

First Final Fantasy XIII not an exclusive, now the next MGS is coming to 360 too. An entire department at Sony needs firing. I can't wait for the Sony conference tomorrow to see if they can gain ground back where Microsoft failed this year, with you know, interesting looking games on their GAMES console.

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