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A beautiful fresh orchid... buried under a ton of medical waste. 2

Trash Panic should be my favourite game ever. It's quirky, original, very Japanese and a puzzle game. Even the video trailers make it seem like God's new gift to puzzlers. It isn't until you actually play it that you realise that it could have been even better than you imagined, but in reality a frustrating waste of potential.In Trash Panic you are charged with filling a giant trash can with a set volume of refuse to complete a level and proceed with the game. It is laid out and seems to play li...

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Avoid, even if you love Time Hollow and Phoenix Wright 5

Lux-Pain is a Graphic Adventure in the vein of Time Hollow, Phoenix Wright and Snatcher that will hopefully never be mentioned in the same sentence as those classics again. Graphic Adventures live and die on the quality of their story and their ability to tell it well via engaging characters and narrative. Despite having high production values featuring lots of voice over work, high quality manga style graphics and a ton of animated scenes, Lux-Pain has a terrible and confusing story and no game...

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The most charming and strange game since Katamari Damacy 4

In Noby Noby Boy, you control a creature named BOY, exploring surreal, randomly generated worlds featuring a plethora of objects animal, vegetable and mineral. While the art style is reminiscent of spiritual prequel, Katamari Damacy, it's also more basic. This, coupled with the utter chaos in each play session, makes the overall atmosphere kind of like if Terry Gilliam directed Dire Strait's music video Money For Nothing. BOY, (who looks like a shocked pug wearing a pink wetsuit) has two sets of...

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