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Someone needs to fine the Maximo video, I NEED to see it.

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Gate GB a 4 I feel like there was some better video content last year :)

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I think it looks good but i agree that it does shows wayyyyyyy too much when resting the mouse over the forum tab.

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but i dont think that it explains the issue, no one had 4 bars, the host should always have 4 bars. there is no reason that I can see that the HOST of a game would not have a good connection to himself/herself.

another thing i forgot to mention, no one experienced any lag at all, in fact, it was the best feeling game connection wise I have played so far.

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First off i would like someone to answer a question for me.

I was playing Black Ops the other day and not one person had four bars in the room for a couple of Deathmatch games in a row.

The question is how is this possible? As far as I know the host should always have 4 bars.

I thought that it must be dedicated servers but I was pretty sure that consoles did not use dedicated servers.

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The game is pure crap.

I was literally yelling at my tv. the computer just kept shooting for take downs. I wanted to knock the guy around a bit so i would get on my feet and throw a few punches. but before i could do any real damage he took me to the ground. Must have got taken down at least 50 times in the 3 round match. 

I didn't feel like i was doing any damage to the other player at all. Even a kick to the face seemed to do nothing to him.

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Has anyone seen this movie???

is it any good? I have seen the SNL skits and i love them but a movie???

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Support, Gunner

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i like the like the laser turrets and the long shots.

rockets are just too expensive...

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Personally i do believe that Activision is very greedy, but every major gaming company is greedy. 
I believe that two years is plenty of time to make a game,  Treyarch  has proved this before.
so no, its not too early.

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