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*sigh* i to resubbed. I'm currently rolling as a Night Elf monk on Aerie Peak (because i figured its fame from the wow segments would attract other duders) named Esherket.

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there literally is no group of players worse than the randoms in an mmo

they have 0 patience for anything and 0 communication skills.

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*Phil Fish gets sensitive information hacked and released publicly, complains about it on twitter*

"man this guys has problems. What a drama queen"

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they're finally gonna finish that warcraft adventure game.

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I could also argue a boss may consist of multiple boss fights.

ex. Kael'thas Sunstrider is a boss who appears in 2 seperate boss fights.

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Carolyn has always been an inspiration to me for many reasons, and I'm super bummed to see her fired. I hope she finds work soon (especially if it was a place I could see her everyday.....)

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Really? I feel like I see more League stuff elsewhere, I just know giant bomb does more Dota 2 stuff.

I also heard that League articles on news sites or esports centric sites still receive higher traffic.

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I thought it was really cool to see Brad's character carry through into hosting, you could tell he was running it.

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When I heard Mario Maker for the first time I was hoping for a sequel to Mario Paint....

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oh no we have totally gotten set up on thunderfoot. add me (Cogzwell) or Zurv for an invite.

I'll probably be on during the "launch" time so any new people getting in can add me for invites.