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I want to see some movies i know they'd hate. Torque and Cobra would be great, but what if we made Jeff watch The Notebook?

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You're a great reporter! had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!

This kicks ass, I love everything about eve stories like this.

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I think its the expansion of discussion of games on the internet. If you play a game in an isolated setting you have to count on you seeing the bug to know it exists, and even then some bugs are obvious as bugs. When people get out and discuss them online their existence becomes obvious.

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Looks like it could be pretty cool. think it and Battleborn have some unfortunate similarities.

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In regards to your most poignant point about levels I gotta say part of me really sees where you're coming from.

Getting back into WoW recently the game lets you go through levels much more quickly so that you can get new stuff for your class, but by leveling more quickly you are left with content you can't really experience as it was meant to be because you've leveled to fast for it, so in the end the restriction of levels actually makes it so less content is available to you at any one time. World of Warcraft is at a point right now where it has the most stuff in it then any point in history, but until the next expansion comes out max level players have the least amount of stuff they can do that matters to their characters ever. Levels do have a place in mmo's, but making them so rigidly tied to content and making the future progression of the game just raise the level cap makes it so an mmo is never actually growing, it's just getting longer and more frail.

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Lethal League and Shovel Knight in my mind.

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I think I would join you in the argument Fred is not a caveman, but instead a modern family man living in pre-historic times.

That being said.... he should be attached to the caveman page.

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My mom only just got a smartphone, my dad doesn't even have an email address.

At most we used to make them play Mario Party as kids. Given last Christmas I actually got my mom to play Divekick.

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I can't account for everyone's experiences with steam but from I've heard when Valve gets something wrong developers have been able to get in contact with them to rectify it relatively quickly. I'm curious if this guy actually went to those lengths or was just immediately acting out some frustration, weird stuff like this reminds me there are people out there who have very vocal anti-steam rhetoric (as people were commenting on another article I read) and while it makes sense to be skeptical about Valve I feel like they always end up the same way, they're always the same angry internet personality with a cartoon avatar of themselves grinning mischievously....