Bastion - Home, Sweet Home chords

Cm Fm Eb D







That seems to be the basis of it. Sometimes he hits just three sometimes just two strings. It's meant to sound a little off and also dirty. But there are two things I can't quite figure out. There is a possibility that the H string is tuned up to C to get those last two faint notes he plays after the D. It could also just be a pull-off on the G string but they seem to ring at the same time. The other thing that's bugging me is that I'm not sure if he changes up the chords. Sometimes it sounds like he plays Fm and Eb differently.

Fm D







The Fm could just be that my ears have become kinda shitty. The D would be hella redundant if H string is really tuned up. Only purpose would be to get that open G string out.

Listening to it over and over, especially the end, I'm a little more confident that H string is really tuned up. Still leaves my problem with Fm. There's something off about it. Fm sounds too clean.


I did a 10 Idol Run of Bastion and...

I got nothing to show for it. Going into that last mission I feared something like this would happen. "Proper story's supposed to start at the beginning."

I bought Bastion just three days ago. I actually wanted to buy it on release but I'm a little short on cash since our wedding. Reading all the good stuff about it I decided to fuck that and just do it. It didn't grip me at first but it grew on me more and more and I even cried a little at the end there. Well, yeah ok, actually I cried a lot. Whatever! My first playthrough ended with 3 Idols turned on. I looked at the leaderboards and there wasn't really anything worth mentioning happening there. Rank 4000something on all the Who Knows Wheres and maybe 10.000 on the Story Leaderboard. Didn't bother me. I don't play games for competition. Mostly, because I'm not good at them. Does it even mean anything for a game like Bastion?

But I'm a completionist. I have this horrible gaming OCD. I had to do a New Game+ to get the last two Achievements. And get to level 10. And upgrade all the weapons. And at least try to do the Who Knows Wheres with all Idols on.

My second playthrough started simple. I just played the game with whatever was there. For my first upgrade I built a forge followed by an arsenal and a distillery. Then I hit Pyth Orchard where you first encounter a shrine. Actually, on a New Game+ you could decide to build it as one of your first buildings but pssshhh why would I want to do that? So, the shrine...

I read through all of the Idols' descriptions carefully just to see what I would be up against during the challenges. The sloth and the invincibility ones really turned me off. So I turned them on for no reason. "Think the gods are gonna help?" That's a weird thing to say when praying to them makes the game harder. I managed to finish the level on the new difficulty I had set and left it that way. Half-way through the game I forgot they were even there. This was the game now. I enjoyed it. I took the other option on both choices at the end and looked at the leaderboards after the credits. July 27th, 4:00 am CET, rank 42 with a score of 868. I can do better.

My third playthrough started simple. It was too easy now. I built a shrine as my first upgrade, turned all idols on, cleared the bow challenge to make sure that it saved and turned the game off. I didn't want to rush it. Later that day I saw that I got bumped to 47th place. I needed to get it done to secure a better ranking. There was nothing I hadn't done before. Just a few of those earlier levels with all dem idols and then whatever I did on that second time. And there I was doing the exact same thing I had done 24 hours before albeit with more pauses to not kill my enjoyment.

On my second run I noticed that the game updates your score while you play, not at the end. So before going into the last mission on my 10 Idol run I checked the leaderboard to bask in the glory of my beautiful, shiny new rank 50, score 868. Hm, maybe you get a whole bunch of them at the end. I even did the Who Knows Wheres again just to be sure. I picked the story choices from my first playthrough because I like that ending better. Maybe that had something to do with it...

And here I am. Struggling for an hour now to write just one page in the English language about nothing. Hopefully, I'm still rank 50 as I'm typing this. It's about to change soon enough. I don't know what counts toward the score but I wasn't doing it. I still love the game. Wouldn't have done this otherwise. I enjoyed every second of it and actually think it's funny. I just wish I had more to show for my third run. In the words of the narrator: "Third time's a charm, right? Wrong!"

Kid's Dream396
Singer's Dream206
Survivor's Dream135

As you can probably guess I'm not a native speaker of the English language. I figured the site I spend the most time on would be the best place to get a little practice in. So please critique away. I start a lot of sentences with "I" and I hate that. I need a lot of help with tenses and punctuation. I always wanted to write a series about old adventure games, especially those running on ScummVM. But there are already so many retro reviews out there. Anyway, I'd appreciate if someone wrote something producitve. Or not. I shouldn't even post this to the forums.


Etrian Odyssey - I can't stop playing!

I found Etrian Odyssey in a bargain bin almost a year ago but never got around to playing it. Put it in my DS on monday. Since then I must have played at least 20 hours. This game is either very addicting or it plays to my OCD. I check every wall and beat monsters over and over to get the rare drops. Then there's the map drawing... I hate it that my map ends at that point. But I can't get past that monster! Have to level up to beat it.