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Seems like you can only make choices regarding the big moments of Witcher 2 but if you import a save it will also pull over some smaller details. On my imported game I immediately recognized that Geralt is sporting that stupid tattoo he got on a drunk bender in the previous game. That's obviously missing if you start from scratch.

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It was just a big hat tip to old Mad Max films. I did think it was a bit strange that Charlize Theron seemed to be more of the protagonist rather than Max. Tom Hardy said hardly anything the whole film. It didn't annoy me, it was just a little odd considering the film is called Mad Max.

I think the name 'Mad Max' more referes to the universe in question than it does to the actual character. Besides it did follow Max's perspective, so while this wasn't his story, it did still follow him. It's no different than Dredd 3D, which despite the films' name clearly focused on rookie Anderson. Miller has already told Max's story three times, unless this was a reboot, there's no reason to tell the same story again, so focusing on a completely new character makes sense.

Also, Furiosa is a way more interesting character than Max ever was.

Metaphorically speaking yes, you could argue that the name Mad Max refers to the world as a whole being "Mad to the Max", but the originals were mainly focused on the character of Max and his story. I also feel like the perspective shifted from Max to Furiosa at the start until they teamed up. For these reasons, it made me think that most people going into this film who haven't seen the previous, might be a bit confused as to why Charlize was seemingly the main character.

Like I said though, it didn't annoy me and I totally agree with you. Her story and mission was so much better than in any of the previous Mad Max films. It was purely an observation and one that was echoed by my girlfriend, who hasn't seen any of the previous films.

I think it totally fits the state the character is in. At the start of the film he's almost feral. He says it himself, he only cares about survival. The experiences he makes throughout the film help him gain back some of his humanity. Like a second origin story for the character. If they really make a sequel they might focus more on Max.

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I would consider myself a fan of the MCU having seen all the movies except for Thor 2. AOU might be my least favorite. I guess the action is "fun" and easy to follow but all the quieter scenes were hokey and, even worse, completely unearned, something the other Marvel movies avoided. Or maybe they were always like this and binge watching Daredevil just a few weeks ago upped my expectations for what this comic stuff could be.

The forced romance plot between Widow and Hulk was the absolute worst and felt like it was just in there because someone had to cross off some things on a checklist. Similarly, they teased Hawkeye's death throughout the whole movie to set up a sad scene/revenge scene only to, at the last second, give it to someone I didn't care about. Probably better this way.

Ultron never feels like a serious threat. He's just this goober with a bit too much power. Complete waste of James Spader.

I really wanted to like it but I just didn't care. A few good laughs were had. The Hulkbuster scene was cool, even though I feel like it undermined the Hulk's power. The trailers made it look like this would be the MCU's Empire but it was more like Phantom Menace heyoo

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Man I was almost ready to cry with joy after watching the QL, yesterday. Glad to hear it's really as good as it looked. I hope it pays off for all the developers favoring substance over style in role-playing.

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I'm at the point now where I'm an itsy bitsy tiny little bit bummed out when a QL isn't of the GBEast variety.

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This hits me so hard. I probably finished more TP novels than all the others combined which either means that I don't read enough or that he wasn't only good but prolific as well.

I remember discovering Discworld through this game. I remember reading its manual with a flashlight at night. I remember the fantasy section in the mall that has since been shut down and turned into several smaller shops. The books I bought there are standing right behind me in their sixth shelf if I'm counting correctly. RIP

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Noob's wishbone fatality is the obvious good choice. That shit is just disgusting. Especially with the head of the victim screaming until it rips apart.

I like MK4 Quan Chi's where he rips his opponents leg off and beats him to death with it.

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I started The Evil Within which I bought during the Steam christmas sale. I don't know. It's all right. Is the whole lobotomy theme going anywhere? It's not grabbing me enough to sit down and put like 3-5 hours straight into it.

What's really grabbed me though is Harvest Moon: A New Beginning on 3DS. It's so refreshing to play something without combat for a change. I got 2-star tomatoes. I wonder if I can make it to 3 before the Summer Harvest Festival.

I downloaded Sunless Sea but I haven't played it yet. I got chickens to feed and cows to milk.

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@spacedongle: Dude, start a new thread. That beautiful piece deserves it. Love your rendition of Dr. Tracksuit as a Persona.

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These are amazing. Topnotch work.

If you arranged them like the character select screen but made the roster in the center just more character panels, I would totally throw that up as a wallpaper.