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" @TaliciaDragonsong said:
" @alternate:   Not really, only one guy I know has a CC around here, and a lot of EU's I spoke on games told me the same. Rawr. "
Well I don't know where "here" is for you, "here" for me, the UK, they are at least as popular as in America I would say - that is why we have so much per capita personal debt.  Pretty common where ever else I have been in western Europe too in all the urban areas at least. "
I consider Hamburg one of the urbanest areas of Germany and there are only few people with credit cards.
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I need that paypal. Out of all the people I know only two have credit cards and I'm not one of them.

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I lived one year on a potatoe diet. They are super cheap here in Germany. I ate 2 pounds a day which isn't even 1000kcal so I padded that out by drinking juice and eating lots of fruit when I was at my at one of my friends'. I get that this sounds extremely unhealthy but I was totally fine. I walked everywhere to save on ticket fares, worked out a lot, was in great shape, I wasn't even underweight or anything. Maybe it had something to do with there just being less crappy stuff in my body. I spent less than 30€ a month on food. I found a small club where I didn't have to pay to get in, never drank any beer there unless I was treated to one, the music was better than in the big clubs, less phony people... That was such a cool year. Now, I live together with my girlfriend. We have infinitely more money which we seem to spend mostly on food. I gained 20 pounds since then.

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My Steam version is already preloaded. Only two more hours until it unlocks.

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Reuben!!! They're a lot dirtier than Tool and Chevelle but check This one out. The embedded song might not be so good for first time listeners but to hell with that!

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You start up Doom and then you enter iddqd and idkfa. I can't remember ever playing through the game without cheats. It's kind of messed up when I think about it. I wasn't even ten years old and my parents let me play it.

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Sometimes I wear my girlfriend's jeans. She hates it because they look better on me :p