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That's not a question answered that easily. Preferably both. Just by looks: Gibson. But if you wanted that you could just take an Epiphone and mod the shit out of it.

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I enjoy this season a lot. There have been some really good episodes like the Richard one and the Desmond one. It's only when I remember that this is the last season when things get sour. There are only five or so episodes left and I still don't get the feeling that this is the endgame. Nah, that's not really it. I can't pinpoint it. Something feels off. But still, really enjoying it. And yeah, the answers to some mysteries are badly woven into the story. Suddenly, characters are bold enough to ask questions and the crazy thing is that they just get the answer. Like when Jack asks Unlocke about his father.

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Right now I have 6 active ones. 
1 wired Xbox 360 for my PC
2 wireless Xbox 360
1 Dualshock3
2 Wiimotes with Motion Plus and Nunchucks.
I'm going to buy another Dualshock and a Classic Controller Pro next month. Then there's my Logitech Wave wireless keyboard, which is effing huge but also one of the best things I ever bought and a Revoltec laser mouse. That shit is crapping up my living room.

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The Fly remake. The way he slowly transforms and the monkey and the teeth scene and then the Brundle-Fly-Pod-thing... great! Day is ruined!

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No colors. Everything will be either glass or shiny.

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I once dated a teacher and she stayed home when she felt like she had diarrhea. She never had it but the fear of shitting her pants in front of the class was enough to call in sick. It happened at least three times in that one year that we were going out.

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Bergbräu Altstadt Dunkel. It was voted best beer of '98 (at least that's what the bottle says). Man, '98 was such a good year.

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Tzit's UPppp!

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@Zidane_24: Which song was it?
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I love the show. But the new season doesn't have me laughing out loud as much as the others.