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@Meowshi:  I was thinking the same thing a few days ago. What will the graphic novel cutscenes look like without the grey, rainy backgrounds? I'm okay with Max being bald and fat but the change of setting is off-putting. I fear it will turn out to be another Stranglehold.
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Okay, so the game is set in the US but the English voice-acting is bad. It's a French game but the French voice-acting is bad, too. German is my first language but I sure as hell am not gonna play it like that because German VO is the worst. I think I'll just mute the voices, turn on the subtitles, invite some friends over and have them read the lines while I play.

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" If you don't mind old games, Outlaws was the best western shooter in the 90s, and for some people, the best western shooter ever made "
Wow, your comment makes me feel kinda old. I loved the hell out of that game. Seems like yesterday that enemies were screaming at me "Where are you, Marshall?" and "You got a death wish?!"
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@TeflonBilly: I didn't know that guy reviewed Avatar but after seeing his Phantom Menace review I absolutely wanted him to. I've been trying to review Avatar since I saw it but there was so much wrong with it I didn't know where to start. The RedLetterMedia guy really nails it and apparently he felt exactly like I did. I too felt personally insulted with the manipulative crap Cameron tried to sell me. It wasn't the worst movie ever made. Far from it but it's also far from being the best. Everyone who thinks this is the best movie ever made is bad at watching movies. All the hype surrounding Avatar is giving me the rage.
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I could get with a new 360. I really believe it needs an upgrade soon. Though I wouldn't pay more than 400 € for it. Maybe 500 if Natal is in it. But the PS3? It seems like developers have just found out how to use that thing right. It still got some years in it.

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Project A Jackie is totally dope. His specials and supers are crazy but I hate his normals. Zombie Thorsten is my way to go. And whatever you do, DON'T JUMP!!! Also: I don't think shitty Jackie is really that shitty.

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Also: Have you seen the boxart? Does that thing scream edgy and dark to you? Although I hate this weird trend where darker means better, I would sure like it in Mass Effect. Like Empire strikes back and Indy's Temple of Doom. Every good trilogy needs a dark second chapter. But it won't end up with Shepard spouting one-liners all the time... hopefully. Nah, EA tried to market Dragon Age as some edgy piece of fantasy but the actual game didn't stray too far from your usual DnD stuff.

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There have been several mods for years. They don't make the game look this gen or even last but It's perfectly enjoyable. Try this and check the System Shock 2 forum. Pick the Modtool and the Modmanager. Both are extremely useful and the Modtool lets you input custom resolutions so you can play on widescreen. Then go to the mods forum and pick whatever you like. The best ones are stickied. Shtup gives you better textures and rebirth gives you better enemy models. Tacticool has some cool weapon models but the author hasn't remade all of them. But the normal handgun model alone is worth it. Also try TF's Secmod. It revamps a heck load of stuff without breaking the game but if you're just looking for a cosmetic overhaul then the first three mods should help you out.

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Oh, if you just weren't making it all sound so absolute. You just got a different taste and views, that's all but you make it sound like your opinion is the TRUTH. When it's actually mine :-p People who don't like Lost are effing crazy in my mind but hey you make good points in a pointless argument about meaningless stuff and I can accept that. That and that DD is effin great. Not the greatest. That would be Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. But I bet you have something against that, too. In a sense DD does exactly the same thing. Like I said, it's nowhere near a good comparison. I just looked through my DVDs from where I sit and yeah... It takes science, simplifies it, mixes it with a good story of well-drawn characters and serves it to you. You have to figure most stuff out for yourself and in the end the movie is what you want to take away from it.  
Whatever!!!! I hate the internets!! I always get tangled up in this stuff and take it way too personally. Storywise this thing is the best game since Braid. Even Dragon Age didn't do it for me. And that it was a story about Aliens or the forebearers was made clear in the first game. But that the lady was in the vault? And then with all the Bible references? Sure, it's not new or deep stuff but still much better than anything from Dan Brown. 
Why are you so angry anyway? Was it high expectations or all the time invested for something you think had no payoff? Or are you just angry because people like it and you have to be all anti-fanboy about it? If you didn't have a good time then, well, those were some 25 hours that really blew. 
And I find your opinion on Lost offensive! You hate AC2 for being to easy to unravel yet Lost is a cock-teasing mess? The characters and dialogue are much better than BSGs and those are the only recent scifi/fantasy series worth mentioning. Carnivale maybe. I don't even want to think about V or FlashForward. For me Lost is the closest to Twin Peaks as it gets right now but I would certainly like to get some suggestions. Especially since this too is a goner next season. 
And to add some more fuel to the fire: MGS is pretty shit in general and the Darkness is nothing but a sad sad reflection of its comic counterpart.