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I once dated a teacher and she stayed home when she felt like she had diarrhea. She never had it but the fear of shitting her pants in front of the class was enough to call in sick. It happened at least three times in that one year that we were going out.

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Bergbräu Altstadt Dunkel. It was voted best beer of '98 (at least that's what the bottle says). Man, '98 was such a good year.

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Tzit's UPppp!

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@Zidane_24: Which song was it?
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I love the show. But the new season doesn't have me laughing out loud as much as the others.

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  About the meaning of life? Only one way to go...

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You're actually playing his daughter. Sam was the one who died. She couldn't handle the grief, went insane and now thinks she's her father.

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@TheHBK said:
" Things I know...  Alex got fired from Harmonix for doing crack. Writing ZOMG!!!! for seeing another man makes you gay. Jeff ran over an old lady and blamed Alex for it.  Now Alex is doing time in Pelican Bay. And Giant Bomb needs someone who can cover sports games.  NBA Jam is the only thing i see this crew covering. "
What?! Are you saying that wrestling games aren't sports games?
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@Pazy said:
" I fnd Stephen Colbert funnier but they are quite close in terms of how much I enjoy them. Although annoyingly only Stewart is shown on British TV as far as Im aware (although id be happy to be corrected) although Colbert used to be I can only watch it online which isnt consistent (plus its illegal and im not into that). "
You can watch both shows perfectly legal online on their official sites. They're not total dicks like Hulu blocking everyone who's not in the US. and
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@Yukoei: I hope my XL arrives next week. The longer battery life was the deciding factor for me. The DSi never seems to last as long as I want it to. As for games, do the right thing and import Ouendan 1 and 2. They are much better than Elite Beat Agents. I'm not much of a japanophile but even I can appreciate their insanity. Picross DS is also very good. It's the ideal game for when you're waiting for the pasta water to boil or when you're taking a dump.