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Is the trailer maybe provided by the developer/publisher? I remember in promo shots for the BG enhanced editions on their official sites, the chracters were named after the GB staff, too.

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I used to play System Shock 2 and Baldur's Gate 1+2 once a year. I want to make that a habit again. I played through BG1 two months ago and will import that character into 2 when I worked my way through this year's games.

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@adequatelyprepared: I played through the game not too long ago. There were two bugs that made it quite frustrating though. There's a section where you have to shoot at lights in the distance. On modern systems they're invisible. With enough persistance and luck you can get through that one. The second bug messed up the very last moments of the game. It's a time sensitive sequence that was impossible to finish on my PC. I had to look up the ending on Youtube.

There's a patchtool with fixes for both. Didn't do anything for me. Apparently you need a cracked main executable for it to work.

I enjoyed the game despite of those problems.

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I'm not even through Divinity: Original Sin and it's already the best thing I played this year. It's got all the things I like, like dialog trees and desecrating graves. Followed by Transistor, Banner Saga and Dark Souls 2.

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I have only played an hour yesterday. It still had the beta warning up, so I was a little hesitant to put much time into it. Yeah, it's way more like the old Fallouts or Infinity Engine games than I expected. I'm replaying Baldur's Gate right now and still have at least 60 hours to go. I might put that on hold to play Original Sin.

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RPG - Baldur's Gate 2

JRPG - Probably Chrono Trigger

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How about Quest for Glory? It's more like an adventure game with RPG elements and I think the kickstarted spritual successor was supposed to come out this month. The whole series will probably come up in the ongoing gog sale. You can import saves into the sequels and all that jazz.

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No, minimum graphics card requirement is Titan Black 4-way SLI.

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Still listening to Jamie Lenman's first solo album at least once a day. This is probably my favorite track. It's like a bunch of angry bees violently stabbing at your ears. I love it. Can't wait for that new Every Time I Die.

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Fallout 1 or 2 with a low intelligence character or Vampire: Bloodlines as a Malkavian. I will read my dialog choices in character.