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Yeah, the tags seem like a really cool and useful idea. Can't have such a thing without people ruining it. They're not even using the Not a Game tag right. Why are Saints Row IV and Hospital Tycoon on there? Hospital Tycoon is broken garbage but it's still a game.

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Gwyn goes down to two Homing Crystal Soul Masses no problem. Don't worry about aggressive bosses. As soon as you get the Homing spells, you can cast them from a safe spot and don't have to worry about casting times.

I haven't played in a while. I think Seath has the highest magic resistance. That was probably my hardest fight. Gargoyles on a fresh character is probably my runner-up. I was so fragile during that fight I wanted to shove my controller right through my PS3.

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I just finished Banner Saga. I pre-ordered it but needed some time in between those bummer moments, that's why it took me so long. They should call it Bummer Saga. And now I'm going back to making Pokeymans. Only 20 more to get that full Pokedex.

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It's up! I'm gonna Pokétransport so many Pokémon.

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What other franchise could they shove Watch Dogs into? The Division? I hope it's not AC.

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I think I could??? I'll never have to find out anyway because there's no girl that shares her name. At least in this country.

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Here's some really sweet boxart with a real macho rockstar on it.

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@raven10: The first three Gothics and Risen are by Piranha Bytes, a German developer.

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DO THE RIGHT THING! Buy Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 off Mash them all together in the Baldur's Gate Trilogy mod. Boom! Upwards of 200 hours gone.

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@baillie: Are you using noscript for firefox? If you do have to allow something called for it to work. If it doesn't show up in noscript, try embedding a youtube video yourself first.