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No, minimum graphics card requirement is Titan Black 4-way SLI.

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Still listening to Jamie Lenman's first solo album at least once a day. This is probably my favorite track. It's like a bunch of angry bees violently stabbing at your ears. I love it. Can't wait for that new Every Time I Die.

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Fallout 1 or 2 with a low intelligence character or Vampire: Bloodlines as a Malkavian. I will read my dialog choices in character.

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Hamburg, Germany

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You're German, right?

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...he took the full load of my Soul Geyser at 99 INT and a Staff of Wisdom +5.

Gross, dude.

Next time I'll Climax all over him with my Dark Sunset Staff +5. Edit: I forgot that it's a Chime Hex, so I'll actually have to use my Chime of Want.

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I fought a guy in the Moon Butterfly Set, two days ago on PC. Hit him with two Crystal Soul Spears and he took the full load of my Soul Geyser at 99 INT and a Staff of Wisdom +5. Barely made a dent in his lifebar. Not even 10%. Maybe he was geared against magic, I'm not sure. But I repeatedly fought two guys yesterday who were specced to wreck and a Crystal Souls Spear hit them for a third of their lifebar.

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McDouble, Chickenburger, Daim McFlurry

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All of that sweet misinformation about romance novels. Twilight and Fifty Shades have the most generic looking non-descript covers, apart from the move tie-in ones which just feature the cast. Those terrible JS Cooper novels with the Men's Health looking covers are mostly out of sight. They aren't prominently displayed, they are almost never on best selling lists and they also don't pretend to be a mainstream thing. The men in those novels are almost always well-characterized which isn't at all the case for video game sexy babes. The last time I walked into a bookstore to a display of Fabio looking dudes holding damsels in front of a burning building was 15 years ago. Books in general also don't suffer from a lack of well-written male protagonists. The comparison between books and video games is lacking on all fronts there and shouldn't be done at all.