Best adventure games - 1 per franchise

This is a list of my favorite adventure games with just one game per franchise. I dedicate this to a dead genre. I'm still waiting for your resurrection. The games on this list are not in any order.
I wrote that intro when? In 2008? Now that the genre has been resurrected thanks to Telltale I may finally finish this list.  

There are two things Germans love apart from kinky sex: Adventure games and RPGs. Germany gets flooded with B- and C-list Adventure games every year and they still sell well despite their lack of quality. Some Adventure game sequels have only been made because of their performance on the German market. But you won't find any of these games on my list because let's face it: most of them are bad. Look out for my list on Adventure games I like but didn't make this list.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Day of the Tentacle rocked :) 

Posted by Tiwi

simon the sorcerer 1 was better than the second (at least in my opinion )

Posted by PsychedelicET

Great list!  It's hard to choose just one game from each franchise - you've done a good job!

Posted by CoinMatze
Thanks, but there are two games I'm not so sure about. Playing through the Monkey Island games again, I really had a hard time to choose a favorite between two and three. Space Quest is even harder. I think five is a pretty solid game but it feels rushed in spots and it drops the talkie version that four had. And I remember loving three but it's been a long time since I played it. I'm finding it hard to go back to old Sierra games now with the typing commands and all. But whatever! Sorry, I should put my whining in the list description.
Posted by PsychedelicET
@CoinMatze: Well it's a great list you've compiled regardless, though I can relate to having a tough time choosing just one.  That's why I just added each and every one I've played and enjoyed to my adventure game list. :D
Posted by Psykhophear

Great list. I also wish for the Adventure genre to reemerge once again. LucasArts were the pioneers of Adventure games.  
Steam is currently rereleasing some of these classic titles with better compatibility and everlasting fun. 

Posted by MattyFTM

This list needs some Broken Sword!!!!

Posted by CoinMatze
@MattyFTM said:
" This list needs some Broken Sword!!!! "
Eff yeah!!!! You're right. Totally forgot about that. Weird because I was just playing the first one last week. Also: Should be pretty easy to pick the best of the franchise...
Posted by Pie

YAY! Go Broken sword!

Posted by Jimbo_N

I would probably melt down or explode if I tried creating a list like this with only 1 monkey island game on it. So cudos for not exploding in the process! :)

Posted by AdMordem

No longest journey? Seriously, you need to fix this!

Posted by CoinMatze
@AdMordem: I want to change a lot of things about this list. But Longest Journey? Last time I played it was before the release of Dreamfall. I don't remember them both that well. Refresh my memory. What were some good moments in that game? 
Just saw that it's available on Steam and GOG. Maybe I'll play through it in the next few days.