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Like that hot, dumb girl in school 0

I'm not qualified to review this game. I couldn't play through this whole mess. But I'm an arrogant bitch who has to give his two cents to everything, so here they are:This game/tech demo wants to be everything but ends up being nothing at all. It wants to be a fun single-player shooter but it also wants to be tactical, it wants to be realistic and it wants to be sci-fi, it wants to look free roaming but it's pretty linear. It already starts out mediocre. You are some generic guy in a generic su...

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Pirates are just plain awesome! 0

There should be no point in writing this review becauseYou should have already played this gameIf you haven't, there's absolutely no talking to youBut I'll go on with it anyway so in that unusual case you really haven't played it, I can give you some good reasons to grab a copy from one of your friends or - for all those 15-year-old fps-players - from your dad or buy it on eBay (Try to get the FM-Towns version).In "The Secret of Monkey Island" you play Guybrush Threepwood a wannabe pirate who ju...

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Don't mistake Via Domus for a good game 0

Give me back my time! Ok, it wasn't even much time I have "lost", but after that ending I'm just furious with rage. Oh, the pointlessness. And don't get me started on the money I've spent. I will try to give it back tomorrow and say that my PC couldn't run it... Lost is without a doubt one of the best written and most intriguing series out there and season four contained some of the best moments I've ever had watching TV. But this has nothing to do with Lost: Via Dum**ss. When I read the first r...

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