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What I find disappointing is that I don't even get a choice of a PC version as the Xbox One version would not have been my first preference, at least SFV is coming to PC for those who care.

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Terminator 2.

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It's good to have a developer like CD Projeckt RED take pride in their work and insure it doesn't arrive in a less than suitably playable condition so I'm happy to wait just a bit longer.

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As highly unlikely as it would be to see this series come to PC as a whole if ever it was considered then the Master Chief Collection would be perfect and I would buy the shit out of it. Maybe Microsoft might consider it if Windows 10 comes out and if the collection was exclusive to 10 that would be huge incentive for people to buy the OS.

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Far Cry 3 on it's first day of release for PC had a real bad frame rate on the highest settings but totally smooth on the second highest settings but it wasn't long till that was all alleviated. I will at least wait a bit for Far Cry 4 to get a good patch and the VGA drivers to improve as well.

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Hot damn indeed!

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An attempt to clean up the awards show image after last year with that dreadful performance. Still I hope there's some cool reveals (please be Fallout 4).

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Well in Chris Schlerf's defense not even the Nolan brothers would be able to write a good enough story for such a bland protagonist as the Master Chief but for me Halo has always been the locations and skirmishes than any dialogue spoken. Mass Effect Might be more up Chris's alley.

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I'm upgrading my PC in a few weeks time so that will be the version I'll want especially to test my new build.

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Another angry indie developer takes his frustration out on twitter and it ends horribly for him, hopefully Valve will reconsider for the other members who also put in the development effort.