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Another angry indie developer takes his frustration out on twitter and it ends horribly for him, hopefully Valve will reconsider for the other members who also put in the development effort.

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Aliens, it was the first of the series I watched when I was a kid and the Alien costumes I think look better than the first movie.

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Infamous: Second Son.

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I read somewhere that the Metroid games sell better in the US than they did in Japan.

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They should of had the spider lady on the cover as that thing looks creepy while the official one looks generic horror.

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Cool insight into how the score was handled in the early days especially for the arguing of Ocarina of Time and Chrono Cross. I think Jeff made the right call with the 5 star system and I feel that it's easier and less stressful to give a 5 star to a game than 10 points.

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Blu ray for the best video and audio quality as well as being able to watch on multiple Blu ray players around the house. I wanted to go digital a few months ago but trying to get 5.1 from iTunes was unsuccessful and Apple TV proved unreliable for streaming the iTunes movies from my PC.

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Shadow of Mordor has made a big impression on the staff so a top 3 contender I'm sure of it. I personally hope Infamous: Second Son is considered but Watch_Dogs I don't think will make it.

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Dead Space and Fallout 3 which I first got for the PS3 but I barely sunk any time into when they were relatively new and bought both again for the 360 and fell in love with.

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Good luck Alexis and I wish you all the best!