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Giant Bomb is a video game website in which players can read news, listen to podcasts and see video "Quick Looks" of recent or notable releases. The central personalities often use strong language such as “motherf**ker,” “sh*t,” and “a*shole”; several podcasts also reference sexual material (e.g., prostitution, jokes about sex with one's mother). Crude and violent material is also referenced (e.g. the neck-stabbing) and alcohol is used frequently in the Whiskey Media offices, particularly during live video broadcasts. Drug use including marijuana is also referenced (e.g. "Soulja Boy Award for Games To Play If You Drink And Get Drunk or Smoke And Get High") alongside references to the Wu-Tang Clan.

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all of these entries are pretty awesome!

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Mega Man II, Tim Schafer style! 
Xbox 360 is good for me.
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you can get the demo on an American Xbox 360 if you created a Japanese Live account. The demo is more of this than you'd ever want to play.

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wasn't as good as his other two Star Wars prequel reviews or even his Star Trek review but I appreciated his breakdown of the soap-opera style editing and blocking in the prequel movies. It felt like Plinkett was spinning his wheels a bit in this, most of what he could say about Episode III has already been said in his past videos.

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Giant Bomb is right behind Rebel.FM right now, it's ex-Gamespot vs. ex-1up with Rebel leading by five votes. While Rebel is still a worthy podcast we need to remedy this.

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@jakob187: Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing was all kinds of awesome if you are in to kart racers, but I guess that may not actually count as a full on Sonic game considering it is the spiritual follow-up to Sega Superstars Tennis.
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@csl316: Sonic Rush was pretty good, especially in the soundtrack area. The boss stages kind of killed its momentum a bit for me.
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@blacklabeldomm said:
" except....sonic freeriders also came out.... "
@zombie2011 said:
" Sonic: Free Riders still sucked ass. "
I totally forgot about Sonic Free Riders, but that almost gets a pass because it was a launch game for Kinect, it was likely rushed out to capitalize on early sales. Still a busted game though, but the core Sonic franchise is better than it has ever been in a long time.
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I am in no means a SEGA fanboy or anything, but I'm a bit surprised no one on the podcast thought of mentioning Sonic the Hedgehog for most improved franchise, of the three games Sonic has been in this year, they all have been surprisingly pretty solid. Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing was about on par with Mario Kart. Likewise, while Sonic 4: Episode I did not deliver on the hype, it was definitely playable and enjoyable, something that is very hard to say about Sonic Unleashed and Sonic '06. Then there's Sonic Colors which received pretty solid reviews for both the Wii and DS versions of it and the first Sonic game in a very long time that can be recommended without any major caveats. 
While Need for Speed has gotten to the point where the franchise was stale, it was nowhere near as broken as what Sonic the Hedgehog has been for the past decade, they were still perfectly average games. While I can definitely agree with the inclusion of Just Cause and Red Steel, they have not had nearly as long of a history of non-stop disappointment as Sonic the Hedgehog has.