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Pure Gold plated Gold 0

This game is quite possibly one of the greatest rpgs ever. It takes everything and just sets the bar even higher. It mixed kickass attacks with childish graphics and characters to create a unique and unforgettable experience. You start out as Ness(Protagonist) in the little town of Onett and you travel from town to town(which are numerically ordered i.e. "one"tt, "two"son,  "three"d, "four"side) meeting new people and discovering new powers.Graphics 10/10-Classic snes rpg look. It has its unique...

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Final Fantasy 7 0

Final Fantasy 7 had something unique when it came out. It was the first turn-based rpg to use graphics of that style, which helped in creating more diverse characters and landscapes.Graphics 10/10-For it's time the graphics were amazing.Gameplay 10/10-It has a similar feel to previous Final Fantasy games, yet it has its own aspects that make it unique. The materia system helped you choose which characters you wanted to have do what. Meaning you could have any character be your healing magic user...

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Team Fortress 2 0

Team Fortress 2 is a new and refreshing style of online multiplayer first person shooters. With it's diverse classes that you can play to its unique graphics, it brings a new experience to multiplayer fps'.Graphics 10/10-Though some may think these graphics are "childish". I think that they are new and what is needed in online multiplayers more often. It gives a casual feel to the game that is not often seen elsewhere.Gameplay 9/10-It has a similar feel to other fps', but it's new in its own way...

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